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    Searched for it didn't find any results, but I found this neat little gadget on warrior forums

    IMT Directory Submitter,
    will help you submit your Website to 1833 directories fast and easy!
    - Very fast and easy to use
    - 1833 directories where you can submit your website
    - Only SEO friendly directories supported
    - The quality is like manual submission
    - Acceptance rate is very high

    Directories by Google PR:
    PR6 - 12
    PR5 - 25
    PR4 - 73
    PR3 - 180
    PR2 - 252
    PR1 - 264
    PR0 - 1027

    *Please note, although this tool is working, it is still in BETA stage!
    When you're first filling out your website information it asks you for "KEYWORDS" these keywords should not be ones associated with your site, but instead should be Categories for where you would like your site posted.

    For Example if your niche is on Apple Ipods, then you would put "Technology, Electronics, etc, etc.." This will auto-assign you to a category making the only action you need to do is hit enter or type in the Captcha if you are doing that section.

    I made the mistake of entering keywords for my 1st site and then I realized afterwards how much easier it would have been if I had actually read what it said.

    So here it is:
    IMT Website Submitter

    Simply register on the forum then proceed.
    Pretty much simplifies submitting your link to decent directory's to a click of a button
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