18 Year Old's Amazon Journey to Steady Income

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  1. Hey everyone. I am fairly new here, but have been reading this forum for a while. I'm 18 years old and I've been with IM for about a year now, made some money here and there, but never really STUCK with something and made steady income with it. Decided today I WILL stick to this and WILL succeed with it. I want to create a long-term steady income with Amazon, I plan on creating 10-20 Amazon review websites within 3-4 months. Starting with one today. I will TRY and update this thread daily, to keep you guys updated on everything and to keep me on top of things. Short-term goal right now is to earn at least $50 a day by the end of April. I WILL Achieve my goals.

    Never forget this quote: ?Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.? - Unknown

    Day 1

    -Niche research, picked a niche for my first site.
    -Keyword research, reserved an EMD in the niche.
    -Installed Wordpress, with a Premium magazine theme
    -Made a logo for the site
    -Currently organizing the website and figuring out which products I want to review and what kind of articles I want to write.

    See you tomorrow,


    P.S Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do.
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    Good luck, and once you find your products don't forget to optimize on page content and add long tail keyword tags
  3. Thanks quartz, will add that to the to-do list.:)
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    Hope you will reach you goals!

    I am nearly in the same age as you but I know this page only since 1 month I think.

    If you succed with getting an stable income with it, then i will start something like you.
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    Good luck Daniel. Keep up the good work and we look forward to your journey.
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    Well done the step that most people fail to do is 'take action', which you have done.

    I wish you great fortunes to come!
  7. Thanks everyone for the support! Appreciate it. Definitely not letting this thread go. Same with all of you, just find ONE thing, take action, and stick with it. Success WILL come.


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    Good luck Daniel! I am also working on my amazon sites, pretty hard on the start but we will get there ;)
  9. Hey everyone, I have a question for all of you, should I use WP Robot or WP Zon Builder to auto post content on the website? Will that result in lower SERPs? Should I just stick with unique content?

    Anyways, I am aiming for 5 articles and 5 reviews for each website. I'm at 5 reviews and at 2 articles right now. Three more articles and I will move onto the next website.

    Day 2
    - Still working on the first site
    - Wrote one review myself and outsourced 4 more.
    - Put up Amazon banners with relevant products, to fill the empty spaces on the website.
    - Also wrote one more article

    I am also going to start working on the SEO aspect of this. I am going to Purchase GSA Search Engine Ranker to help with the link building of my projects.

    See you tomorrow,

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