18 Creative Ways To Market Your Mobile App - No Investment At All

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    With my experience of working in an IT and marketing firms in the recent past and present too, I have derived a conclusion that to thrive in today’s technical world, a website is not just adequate for the business owners. Mobile applications have their own sweet roles in contributing to these and similar is the role of getting an effective mobile application to exposure.

    When the prominence to these applications of technology is such an immense, you could expect the organizations getting the services of experts to create a unique mobile app for their ventures too. However, not all the organizations get the expected returns from these, no matter what amount of investment they put forward.

    Here we have come up with some of the most creative strategies that you could use to market your app successfully with a little investment of time, but with negligible expenses on your part. These efficient methods are as follows:

    1. Make Use Of Your Mobile Website:

    If you already possess an existing website which is http://buildfire.com/responsive-websites-vs-web-apps-native-apps-matters/ then you already acquire an asset that is more worthy than any other means. At some point of their need, your customers could find themselves interested in your company and turn their way towards your website.

    When they turn up, it is essential for them to know that you even possess a mobile app that could be handier in its operation. Placing an icon of your app on some portion of your website homepage and offering it a hyperlink that redirects your customer to a particular page telling the usage of the app would be highly helpful. This method could be fruitful enough to bring more downloads to your app.

    Apart from placing it solely on your webpage, you could also have a pop-up page that displays the app, whenever a customer visits your site. Using the pop-up method, you could ensure that the app is the first thing that the visitors view when they visit. If interested and lured, the customers could download the application or continue with the mobile site that they opened.

    The app landing page could function well, but could experience the traffic going already towards your business website. This could be an excellent opportunity for you to drive the customers and visitors towards downloading your app by including the download links on your webpage.

    For instance, take a look at the following webpage of The Wall Street Journal:
    Even when you have a considerable following at your social media pages such as your facebook page, twitter page or even your instagram page, you could always make use of the space to promote your mobile app.


    All you need is a simple digital banner with the name of your app on it and information on where to find it conveniently.

    2. Promote The App With Blog Posts:

    Apart from including your app in your on your regular website, including it in a scheduled blog post is also an efficient marketing strategy that you could inculcate. For this, you could even create a blog post that is solely responsible for the promotion of your app. The literature in the blog post could end with a call to action, inviting the viewers to download and use the application.

    While you write a blog post that is wholly liable for the promotion of your app, offer the complete information about your app and tell the customers the reason that led to development of the app. Put forward the knowledge that this application of yours would be more than easy for them to access. Include all the app links, pictures and videos that offer the customers knowledge about your application.

    3. Feature The Application In Your Mails:

    Any kind of the email from your company to any of the associated person should always have the information about your app. In promotion of your business, you would be required to send innumerable emails to countless persons and not including the information of your app in any of these could be an overlooked fruitful opportunity.

    Each and every email that you send, whether it is to your tech support associates, your newsletter to any of the concerned person or even a payment confirmation email, a footer with even a single line advertisement about your application could do wonders for its popularity. You could even include the benefits of its download and a link that redirects to the download page.

    According to one of the studies by https://www.marketingcloud.com/, about 91 percent of people having an email account check it on a daily basis. Through this, you could conclude that emails could be an immensely beneficial promotional strategy and you could milk the opportunity to promote your app in an effective manner.

    For some more exciting info on email marketing, you could refer to this https://www.impactbnd.com/blog/25-compelling-statistics-about-the-importance-of-email-marketing.

    After the launch of the mobile application, it could take a time period of more than a few weeks for the existing customers to know about your venture. Adding the app downloading link or an app landing page link to your email signature could offer your app information the additional advantage of being deliberately sent over time to your existing customers.

    These are some of the simplest things that could do a world of good for the promotion of your app.

    For example, following is the image of buildfire, of how it sends its app information with the email signatures:


    4. Creating A Handy Demo Video:

    More than the written knowledge being helpful for your customers, a small and sweet video showcasing almost every feature of your beautiful app would be a handier option. In a minimum and maximum limit of about 30 seconds, a commercial that offers information about ‘what, how and why,’ could do more than you could expect to be done by other means.

    You could appoint a team of few members assigned with the responsibility of bringing the video to action. With more than a single individual working together in a single job, you could expect your work to finish faster and with lesser faults. Make sure that your demo videos are not always the same, as they tend to be for once. All these videos and content in them needs to be updated once every week or month.

    Once the video is up and made, be sure to use the social media platform for the promotion of your app. For instance, you could include your demo video on your facebook page, Instagram, blog posts and Youtube channels etc.

    You could use the following link to view the demo video of Feicobol app:

    5. Use Platforms More Than App Stores:

    Apart from the Google Play and App Store, there are hoards of other app stores which could be used to upload your app. According to a finding by http://onepf.org/partners/, if you submit an app in a relatively less popular online store, the chances of its download could be increased to about 200 percent compared to the downloads from Google Play Store.

    Some of the efficient app stores that you could use for the promotion of your app are as follows:

    · http://www.getjar.mobi/?o=new

    · http://www.appbrain.com/

    · http://slideme.org/

    · http://www.appslib.com/

    · http://www.amazon.co.uk/mobile-apps/b/ref=amb_link_172778427_2?ie=UTF8&node=1661657031&pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=0CBQ0PJY0Q493X9QBXH5&pf_rd_t=1401&pf_rd_p=403877907&pf_rd_i=1000644603#installation-guide

    · http://apps.opera.com/en_gb/

    For some more exciting information, you could refer to this http://www.mobyaffiliates.com/blog/a-list-of-alternative-app-stores-for-distributing-your-app-or-mobile-game/.

    6. App Awarding Applications:

    App awards are very useful and recommended channels that you could use to participate and promote your app. You could expect to get an exuberant exposure, reviews, press and lots of downloads of your app within a limited time-period. Though the chances to stand as a winner in such a conquest would depend much on your app idea and field of play, you could expect to get much more the stardom than you anticipate for the first time.

    Some of the most prominent app awards sites are as follows:

    · http://bestappever.com/

    · Ericsson Application Awards

    · http://www.webbyawards.com/

    · http://www.bestmobileappawards.com/

    · http://ozapp.com.au/

    · http://appcircus.com/

    · https://developer.apple.com/design/awards/

    · http://the-appsters.com/index.php

    · http://www.mediapost.com/appyawards/

    7. SEO: Your Way To Success

    SEO is an effective way by which you could bring up your app URL in the search results when users search for related queries. For instance, when the users look to find the music apps, all you could wish is your app popping to be one of the first five entries, even before the user hits enter.


    All that is required to identify is the ‘best targeted keywords’ that you wish to be ranked. Apart from this, analyze the keywords that your app currently ranks on and accordingly, you could build some quality links to boost your rankings.

    You could use the following tools for the purpose:

    · http://mobiledevhq.com/

    · http://searchman.com/

    8. Work Like A Pro:

    An expert in the field would never wholly rely on a single option of App Stores for its work. Instead, the Google’s search engine could be a great tool to do wonders for your app. For instance, if your app is related to cricket, the users might Google ‘best android apps for cricket’ and view the kind of result that they obtain.

    Out of the top 5 results, you could expect 4 of them to be the top-notch ones that you could contact to feature your app. Getting this done in a single shot could offer more than the anticipated benefits, some of which are as follows:

    · Anticipated traffic

    · Robust link-building

    · Exposure

    · Reviews and ratings etc.

    9. Get Assistance Of Entrepreneurs And Developer Groups On Social Media:

    With the increase in your visibility on social media groups and communities, for instance, sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Instagram etc. you could expect yourself to be better known in the list of successful entrepreneurs and app developers.

    Request the experienced ones for a feedback on your app and offer them promo codes to try out. Chat about the existing features, updates, bug fixation, their personal opinions and inculcate on their advices. Building a robust relationship with each other might offer the opportunity to promote each other’s app, without the need of any expenses to be put forward.

    In spite of the heavy usage of the social media platform by the organization, these mediums still remain underutilized due to the kind of special features that they have to offer. A typical https://www.facebook.com/marketing/posts/10150839503836337 of the page’s fan base. Even when you take the same message, do it 4 or 5 times in writing and send it once every 5 weeks, you could expect to reach only about 80 percent of your page visitors.

    The launch of a mobile application is a truly big attainment of a company and it offers great many benefits to the customers too. Make sure to offer them the same message by re-posting the same content, but with a diverse note.

    10. An Eye-Catching Icon For Additional Advantage:

    According to an estimate, there are http://www.statista.com/statistics/276623/number-of-apps-available-in-leading-app-stores/. This is why, when you choose to get a particular application, you get innumerable similar ones standing right behind the ones you need. In this, the app that enchants the human eyes could be the one that receives the advantage of its exciting show.


    For your app to stand out of the crowd of apps, you need to inculcate the following features:

    · Think of a unique shape that attracts attention

    · A limited offer of colors- maximum two of the shades are enough for a contrasting effect

    · App icons with photos are barely utilized

    · A bit too much text is a vague idea

    · Use your creativity for the action

    Some examples of enticing app icons are as follows:


    11. Great Screenshots Could Work Wonders:

    A great screenshot of your app and dropping this picture in the app store could be more than a handy measure for your app to get good limelight. You are what you show to your customers and if this presentation is found to be ineffective, could you ever believe to be selected by the viewers?


    Also, good captions and some other visual elements accompanying your screenshot could turn an app to appear more lively and vivacious. For instance, take a look at the screenshot of the Vine app:

    12. App Store Optimization:

    With the idea from the primary Search Engine Optimization (SEO), App Store Optimization (ASO) could work a great deal for the presence of your app among the top ones. ASO focuses majorly on some specific points such as keyword density, keyword relevance and search relevance etc.

    As it has been discovered that most of the iPhone users in USA discover the apps through searches, the description of your app is one of the major efforts that you could do towards its marketing.

    If you wish to get started with the research of your competitors, app platforms such as https://www.appannie.com/ could be an appropriate one. For instance, you could search for results such as ‘top five homely recipes for the pets’ and discover the appearing apps with their rankings.


    For more of your ease on app store optimization and mobile search engine optimization, you could refer to http://buildfire.com/improve-app-mobile-search-ranking-guide/.

    13. Building An Effective App Landing Page:

    Even when you do not have a mobile app, a worthy app landing page is what you should always possess. An effective landing page is similar to having a great business card, which could be used at any point of time when you need it.

    For instance, Spendee is an excellent example of an effectual mobile app landing page that has almost every element needed to obtain users, inform them, engage the users and simultaneously help them share easily.


    Even when your webpage has multiple links, the most evident duo are the App Store and Google Play Store buttons. These are considerably larger than the other social sharing buttons and could easily facilitate site sharing of the app.

    If you have been stuck in between while your app landing page is under construction, view this http://www.themefisher.com/items/small-apps-free-app-landing-page-template/ that encompasses all the elements that you need. For more choices, here is a https://designmaz.net/free-html-landing-page-templates/ to choose from.

    14. Feature Yourself On The Mobile App Review Sites:

    To get on an App Review Site means that you have to send them a pitch. And this means that you need to convince a particular website that your app is worthy enough to be reviewed by them and thereafter, get featured on their sites.

    App Review sites could be hunting for apps that have the following characteristics:

    · Gorgeous graphical design with great quality

    · Distinctive and original content, designs, art, themes and mechanics etc

    · The app with an effective loading and content that is placed properly. Crashes, glitches and poor content placing is always unwelcomed by these sites.

    When you discover a particular one, you would be required to provide support material with your app. This could be done with a document containing the following elements:

    · A link of your app in the app store

    · A small summary or paragraph which describes your app and tells that how is it different than your competitors.

    · Screen shots, logo, heading screen and content of your app

    · Links of sites such as youtube or vimeo, where you uploaded your video

    · Promo codes which are offered to someone to download the app for free. If your app is already free, you do not need to get concerned on this.

    Some of the most common platforms to get your app featured include ‘The Next Web’ and ‘AppAdvice’ etc. Within only 24 hours of your information being uploaded, you could expect thousands of unique viewers hitting your webpage and app store page.

    Here is a https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OkyL-r6XQz0QIat_nVJtVF3pWQGsVOdGcesbBBFrTs0/edit?usp=sharing to submit your app for a review and even receive press for it. With their followers jointly being some 11 million on twitter, about 6 million on Facebook and millions of others who visit the place, featuring your website on any of these could do wonders for your app to get downloaded.

    15. Your Press Preparation Matters:

    When your app gets featured on a prominent reviewing page, it is obvious to get the press attention. However, the journalists have no more than a stipulated period of time to have a new content and therefore, they would never have time to discover more than the information and stories that are sent in.

    To have all the chances of your story getting published, you need to make sure that you possess every single thing that a journalist needs in your PR kit.

    A good PR kit could have the following elements:

    · Guide To The App Summary: What your app is, how is it used, whom does it target, the problem it solves and any other additional information; these could be the primary content of an App Summary Guide.

    · Your Press Release: Press release by you is the major story why press has reached you. This is why it should cover the problems solved by your app, the cause of its release at the specified time and various other facts and stats portraying the benefits of your app. At this very point of time, you could be sure enough to be confident of the story being sold.

    · Effective Screenshots: Make sure to take great and considerable number of screenshots of your app. If you wish to send this to more than a few dozen outlets, they would always ensure to use the screenshot that has not been used by any other news outlet.

    · Icons, Logos and Banners: Offer all the icon sizes, logo designs and banner templates to the news outlets to ensure your clean branding in the article.

    · Videos: An effective promo video is more than a useful step to offer people the understanding about your app. If it appears luring enough, people would always get their hands to test out your app after downloading it.


    · Founder Info: In many of the apps, you could view quotes from the founders and their views on how they came up to such an idea. These quotes and views could help you considerably in building a strong brand and would also help your app to grow further.

    16. In-Store Promotion Of Your App:

    If you run some kind of a store, one of the easiest ways to increase the ongoing app downloads is to control the traffic on foot. For this, all you need to do is place a QR code or just a sticker of Google Play Store and App Store on your shop’s window. This would be a handy measure to inform your customers about your mobile app, something of which they didn’t have the slightest of notions.

    Likewise, a QR code on your business cards could facilitate the download of your app, as each person who gets the card, gets a direct link to download your app.

    17. Use Out-Of-The-Box Methods Of Promotion:

    In this extremely digital world, you could expect and do promotions with the help of technology. However, if you could think of some off-the-beat track for the promotion of your app with some offline measure, this could be a great success for your app.

    For example, the creators of https://www.dojoapp.co/ earned a huge reputation by doing something which was basically offline. For an initial base of customers, they decided to hit the streets with some http://i.imgur.com/KeMBgMy.jpg?1. During the peak commute hours, they delivered about 19,000 of these letters, much to the interest and curiosity of the people.

    The outcome to this was a whopping 3000 downloads and exceptional social media footage.

    This shows that even the unexpected ideas could turn to be amazing results.

    18. Respond Faithfully To All Your Reviews:

    If your customer invests his or her precious time to offer you a review for your work, it is your prime liability to answer them back with the most appropriate, no matter how long it takes for you to do so. It is a habit of many of the companies to leave an automated message to their customers, which is a big, big mistake. This would lead to, not only the turning away of your customers, but cause a significant decrease ranking score when the customers find themselves neglected.

    Despite of what your customers come up with in their comments, tell them that you are trying to sort the problem at the earliest and you could also list the efforts that you are making. If your customer is dissatisfied in some way, apologize and offer them ways to make their experience better.

    If you meet a satisfied customer with his or her review, thank them for their review and repay them in any manner that you can. After all, it is the humble turn up of these customers that could offer you steps of success in your under-construction ladder of mobile app promotion.

    Feel I missed any note-worthy points in this post? What is your secret app promotion weapon? Let’s discuss that at length in the comments section.
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