$170 Per Sale AND $43.50 Recurring Per Month, Seriously? Hottest FX Launch This Year

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    Oct 10, 2007
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    Hi there,

    If you haven't already heard the buzz around the forex niche,
    we are about to launch one of the HOTTEST products in
    the Forex niche, and you are invited to be a part of it!

    ===> http://www.automatedpips.com/jv.html

    Automated Pips will go live this coming Tuesday, Sept 21 at 12PM EST

    The Prelaunch will go live this Friday, Sept 17th at 9 AM EST!

    As you can probably tell by the JV page, this isn't one of your
    every week $97 EAs junk, we have actually put effort into making
    this product one of the best on the market...yea saying that
    probably doesn't mean too much....BUT that's why we are backing
    TRADING STATEMENTS, all verified.

    That's right, no bs, no gimmicks. There is one thing that customers
    want over and over again and that's not a sly sales pitch but more
    so proof. Our proof combined with technical and marketing expertises
    in the forex niche will make this one of the best launches this

    Get on board ASAP:

    ===> http://www.automatedpips.com/jv.html

    Make sure to enter your name and email so that we can keep you
    posted on our updates!

    Automated Pips Team
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    Dec 4, 2009
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    god damn I hate to be a dick but they just release a new one of these every 2 weeks... biggest ********in racket ive ever seen but im not hatin, gotta make your money.
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  3. Mike S

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    Oct 10, 2007
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    Hey guys,

    Our prelaunch goes live tomorrow, Friday at 9 AM EST!

    We have all the big hitters on board and for the first time ever,
    we have 5 years worth of LIVE REAL MONEY TRADING PROOF.

    No robot has had this until now, and is sure to wreck havoc on
    the market.

    Make sure to mail out this one ASAP:


    SUBJECT: {!firstname_fix} 5 years of PROOF [shocking video]

    Hi {!firstname_fix},

    I just watched a video by a forex trader named
    Jeff Osborne who's doing something I've never
    seen before...

    ==> http://PUTCBID.pipsnow.hop.clickbank.net

    He's not simply *claiming* to be an "expert"
    like most of the so-called "gurus" out there --
    he's actually showing real, undeniable PROOF...

    ... and not backtests or demo accounts, either.
    These are LIVE updating real-money accounts
    going back an incredible 5 YEARS!

    He's putting such massive proof on the line
    right from the start to make this clear this isn't
    the usual re-hashed "guru" system...

    ... and for a limited time he's also giving away
    a unique "indicator" preview of the Automatic
    Pips EA.

    Don't miss this -- it's coming down soon.

    ==> http://PUTCBID.pipsnow.hop.clickbank.net

    To YOUR Success,

  4. Mike S

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    Oct 10, 2007
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    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that the prelaunch has been rocking it!

    The response has been great and people are liking what they are seeing, especially
    the trading proof that we have for them. We already have hundreds of positive raving
    comments on our blog with people ready to buy the second it's released!

    HOWEVER, we need to make sure that all the leads see all the content and proof that we
    have for them today (Sunday), our proof-focused day!

    Today, our focus is going to be on delivering cold hard live real money trading proof
    to your leads. Pitches aside, what converts is proof, and when your leads see what we
    have for them, they'll be convinced for launch day..

    Make sure to get this one to your entire/all lists, as we really need everyone to see
    all the content and proof for best conversions on launch day!

    Here's the email copy/swipe to send out today, Sunday at 9 AM EST.


    SUBJECT: You're being LIED to! [video]
    SUBJECT: Have you seen this...?

    Hi {!firstname_fix},

    Yes, that's a bold statement -- and it's not
    me saying it, it's Jeff Osborne, a pro forex trader
    who's just released a video bashing the usual
    FX "gurus"...


    ... plus a never-before released indicator
    that's already getting some amazing buzz
    in the comments on his blog.

    Check it out now, because this will only
    be up for 24-48 hrs...


    To YOUR Sucesss,

    P.S. This may be just the edge you've been looking
    for if you've been repeatedly frustrated by
    empty guru promises -- just the 5 YEARS of
    undeniable trading proof alone (with live-updating
    real money account screenshots) was enough
    to convince me this guy is for real.


  5. Mike S

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    Oct 10, 2007
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    Hey guys,

    Thanks everyone for y'all support! The prelaunch is doing
    freaking well, and the response has been great!

    We are now approaching the last day of our prelaunch and
    have decided to do a straight redirect to the blog page
    so that even those who didn't wish to optin can see all
    the exclusive forex content and proof we have for them!!!

    Here's our jv page:

    At 9 AM EST Monday, your hoplink will directly go to
    the blog page!

    We have also added some more updated proof for your leads
    to see.

    It's CRITICAL to send out this e-mail so that everyone can
    see our proof pitch before hand so that come launch day, they
    will already be presold.

    Plus this is your LAST chance to steal those cookies ;)

    Here's the email for tomorrow (Monday) 9 AM EST:


    SUBJECT: Download This KILLER $223,500.78 FX System FREE

    Hi {!firstname_fix},

    Jeff Osborne has already stirred up quite a
    bit of controversy with the live-updating
    5 YEARS worth of proof on his blog...


    ... not to mention the free indicator he's giving away,
    which is *already* making people money, from
    the comments he's getting on the blog.

    Trust me, this is not something you want to
    miss if you're interested in REAL results... and
    finally breaking free from the guru hype

    Don't wait on this, though -- Jeff is going
    live with Automated Pips in less than 24 hrs.
    and when that happens all the amazing free
    content comes down:


    To YOUR Success,

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    May 2, 2010
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    So far, so good, thanks LOL...just hold on to your dollars bro coz you've signed an unholy pact for a selfish agenda. When did this forum agree to plug your FX product?
  7. Mike S

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    Oct 10, 2007
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    Hey guys,

    Thanks for everyone's support for the prelaunch. We killed it, hundred of positive comments already, and 10K+ people on our waiting list...That means tomorrow will be a HUGE day! Everyone has been presold and tomorrow is cash-in time..

    We will open the doors a few hours early for the early bird vips and then the official launch is at 12 PM EST! I've attached the launch swipe to this email!

    Here's the JV Page: http://www.AutomatedPips.com/jv.html

    Blast hard and often tomorrow! Let's hit the home run!

    To be sent out at 12 PM EST:


    SUBJECT: {!firstname_fix}, Automated Pips is LIVE!
    SUBJECT: {!firstname_fix}, $223,500 KILLER Forex System is LIVE!
    SUBJECT: {!firstname_fix}, Only Robot With 5 Years Live PROOF!

    Hi {!firstname_fix},

    I've just gotten word that Jeff Osborne has taken
    Automated Pips live... and you don't want to miss

    ==> http://PUTCBID.pipsnow.hop.clickbank.net

    I haven't seen anybody go after the "gurus" of
    this industry quite so aggressively... and I'm
    not sure how long this is going to stay up.

    If you're at all interested in the forex market...
    whether you already trade or you're looking
    to "break in"... this may be the most important
    letter you'll read all year.

    Click here now to check it out for yourself:

    ==> http://PUTCBID.pipsnow.hop.clickbank.net

    To YOUR Success,

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    Prob the same as yours
    Great Lakes & RTP
    lol, cant believe this hasnt gotten the Bhammer!