15k backlinks from a single domain a bad thing?

if only this domain with 15k for a long time, will be penalized by google. You should add more domains to get natural status.
you can check the Authority Score for your site in SEMrush.
Their report will offer more details: More domains and more backlinks will decrease the risk from Google.
Probably working out if routed to relevant or appropriate pages instead of the homepage. Otherwise it’s likely not helping at least.
It will affect your website for sure and adding 15k backlinks from a single domain is not natural though. You can get the links from different domains for better results. Also, don't add more than 2 links from each domain.
Are they relevant. Pretty sure they won't be, but is the website closely related to your niche. Check toxic score of the website. That might help you to figure.
Definitely, it looks unnatural and might raise red flags for search engines. First of all, why would you choose such a risky strategy? It is not safe and could degrade your website's performance.
Even If I will create Web2.0 links, comment links, etc
I have a site with 130k backlinks from 250 linking websites. It ranks extremely well.

Use semrush to look for toxic backlinks, then disavow them via gc.
Cool, You have created them manually or blast on your website in one go?
Cool, You have created them manually or blast on your website in one go?
It's a mix, I've link-exchanged with relevant sites, bought a few high DA expired domains that are also relevant and manually posted on some sites where they allow df links.
Will it hurt my website in long run like will I be penalized by Google?
Having 15,000 links from one place might not be good for your site in the eyes of Google like it could raise concerns and possibly lead to penalties affecting your website's performance
Better you disavow the link. 15k+ links from a single domain does not look natural.
Yes, there's a risk of long-term harm and potential penalties from Google. Manipulative practices, like adding backlinks solely for SEO, can lead to a negative impact on your website's search rankings and overall online reputation.
That's too much from a single domain imo
It could appear as a red flag when you list your site for sale
If they are relevent then its okay, otherwise not very much useful.

Its harmful or helpful.... is totally depend on relevancy, number of links doesn't much matter, but if they are totally irrelevant then it look spammy, so stay away from such links.
to increase the link mass and get high-quality website promotion, you need to buy websites and domains to create a grid
Your website will certainly be impacted by this choice, as having 15k backlinks from a single source is not a natural approach. Consider obtaining backlinks from a variety of domains to yield stronger outcomes. Furthermore, be mindful not to exceed 2 links from any given domain.
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