15 Ways to Get Source Material for Articles

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    This list (originally of 10 ways) was buried inside another discussion, but since I've added 5 more items, it should be its own thread:

    1- Use newspaperarchives.org, select pre-Internet material and download, use OCR scans to create articles.

    2- Take your laptop to the library, or larger Barnes & Noble (anywhere you can sit down or are allowed to idle), write summaries of the hottest books and trends.

    3- Review the how-to guidebooks at home on your own book case, summarize each chapter. Should result in 10 articles per each book you have.

    4- Collect local community papers in your area, most should be offline-only.

    5- Collect old magazines people are always throwing out. Many or most should be offline-only.

    6- Go to foriegn language websites, use a translator to convert to English, use for articles. E.g., pick a keyword, translate it to foreign language, then search the phrase to find the foreign articles.

    7- Use the Amazon "Look Inside" and similar Google feature to see portions of books. A screen capture program can save the book pages, write articles from the excerpts.

    8- Rewrite articles, numerous techniques and software already discussed. Pick your poison, rinse and repeat.

    9- Outsource. Find people who will write for less than you can get paid for them. Or find multiple ways to get paid for the same articles to create the profit spread.

    10-Record television news, magazine-format shows and public access TV (shows with lots of info in them), use as source material for your articles.

    11-Take an existing ebook and split it into articles. Do a light re-write (new or changed sentence here and there) to make the material unique enough to pass for original content.

    12-Scrape info-rich online discussions together from forums, yahoogroups or some video streams (especially if a transcript exists of the latter).

    13-Use MS Word to auto-summarize very similar PLR articles, creating new composite articles that can pass for new content.

    14. Download book torrents of academic and very popular how-to/DIY or other books. Extract and digest the info into articles.

    15. Scrape info-rich video or blog comments from youtube et al sites together. I've gotten a number of mash articles posted to AC on this basis.
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    Very Nice List! Thanks. I've been using some of these methods, they work.
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    wow, this is pretty good information for all, most ppl won't want to tell the sources, where they keep it then selve.
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    Google them. You could even use Amazon for some products/book reviews. Use the Pros, cons, and overall review sections as a type of summary for the bases of your article.

    I have written several product reviews in the past by scrapping product review sites.

    Also I cannot stress it enough. Forums and blogs are perfect for article writing. I actually made $8.00 from a really popular topic that I found on a forum.