15 Separate Micro Niche Sites or all in one site?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Sleinad, Sep 17, 2011.

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    Just want to see what everyone's thoughts are on whether its best to have say 15 separate micro niche sites, or have just one larger site with all the content on that one site?

    I have 15 separate keywords right now that are all really closely related, and each have about 10 long tail keywords as well. So I can easily make individual sites for each one, and have 10 articles on each one, or I can make one or two large ones with 100 articles on, or 50 etc.

    I am wondering this because some people say Google can ban your sites for looking like they have just been made for the sole purpose of getting clicks on ads, so basically micro niche sites. So I was thinking whether just making a much bigger site and spending more time on it is a better thing to do?

    Also for SEO it should technically be easier as all the individual pages would be getting high quality backlinks and basically the main website overall would get more much authority, and then so would all the other pages on the site...

    The thing with the adsense is that they could end up banning that one site, which would be awful because then i would have lost all the work for 15 niches...ah I don't know even think I am making sense anymore lol just tell me what you think.