13k views on store but 0.6% conversion

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    I run many viral pages across Facebook and thought to sell some merchandise on a page I began 2 weeks ago of a very popular meme this year. The page so far has gained 260k likes with 140k new likes this week alone.

    I started a campaign on Teespring. The t-shirts designs are good, I hired a designer and are priced fairly okay except for the shipping fee Teespring hides until the final checkout (which I wish they were more upfront about).

    Anyway, in 24hrs, the store has had 13k views (around 600-900 views every hour or so) however, I have only made 0.6% in sales conversion even though the traffic is very targeted - 70 sales.

    In the first 3-4 hours around 30 sales were made however now they are slowing down even though the traffic in coming into the site has averaged all throughout.

    There are many other people selling tshirts of the same meme and there are people buying so it's nothing to do with that. I am just wondering where I could be going wrong because I feel like conversions should be at around 2-4%. The audience engaqes very well with the normal content i post which isn't merch, my top pinned status from 2 days ago has 85k likes and reached 4m people.

    Can anyone please advise?
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