$125 per $50 sale. Drive 'work from home' 'MMO' 'Job Offer' Traffic to my site!ExtrmConvr!

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    I'm going to cut right to the chase because I've offered this before and have been met by nothing but timewasters..

    Here's the deal:

    You drive 'Make Money Online' 'Work From Home' 'Job Offer' Traffic to my site.


    UnitedKingdom NewZealand Australia Canada are all GREAT!

    Visitors then go to my site and read what looks like a sales page.

    On this sales page they are inticed by promises of high profits + low amounts of work - The usual Make Money Online sales page..

    Then at the end of the page they are told that actually they have got to the site BEFORE the launch date and that the 'system/ebook/guide' is 100% totally FREE for them (instead of the high price tag it would normally have)

    Then they either download the ebook/guide OR read the online version.

    This ebook/guide is actually another sales page but they have no idea!

    It outlines a very very persuading and convincing system that shows them how to make money online by playing at online casinos.

    Then it persuades them to deposit $50 into the casino to play with.

    I have an exclusive deal with the casinos I work with so that every $50 deposit is a $175 - $250 commision for me(depending on how many players I get per month).

    I split all profit 50/50 with you so each new deposit at these casinos is $87.50 - $125 for you depending on the amount of players that month.

    My site converts extremely well and the only reason I'm on the JV board right now is that I've been banned from Google Adwords which was were I was promoting this deal before with great results.

    If you can drive this type of traffic I guarantee we'll see great results.

    From previous marketing of this offer I've driven 250 unique views from Adwords a day for a month and got an average of 2-6 new deposits a day.

    I get paid by the casinos monthly so I'll pay you monthly too. Payments are processed on the 7th and take 7 days to transfer so I will pay you around the 14th -16th (depending on weekends) each month.

    I can process payments via various methods but I prefer BankTransfer for large amounts.

    I know that people want to try this out for a short while first to see if it is profitable so I'm offering a special deal for new promoters.

    I will give you a 1-5 day trial period (depending on what works best for you) and after that trial period I will pay whatever you've made straight to you via PayPal or Moneybookers instantly! (or other methods if they're possible for me).

    This will be up to the amount of $450 and then the rest/remainder will be paid to you on the 14th - 15th like normal - This is so it doesn't get out of hand - I can't pay many people huge amounts upfront.

    This deal applies ONLY to new promoters and is just to show you how profitable this is and to establish that I'm a trustworthy business partner who looks forward to a long and healthy relationship with you!

    So If you can drive this type of traffic then please PM me straight away or leave a reply below.

    I have tracking links already set up and am ready to go when you are.

    If you're interested in trying out the 'starting offer' then please ask me about that too!

    If you have any questions about this then please ask them below as it will be beneficial for others too!

    I can be contacted via Skype to at Ghoast99
    and also by email: [email protected]
    but PM here is probably the easiest!
    Let's get this rolling - I'm looking forward to working with you!