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123 of warez and adult websites

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by keshavdutt, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. keshavdutt

    keshavdutt Guest

    I am writing this guide to tell people how to create a warez or adult site and how to stay out of trouble from the authorities

    Here it goes
    Where to buy hosting from?
    The baisc thing to start a website is hosting .

    Hosting for warez or adult site different form a legal site,u can host legal site anywhere but not warez or adult.

    So ,to get your warez or adult site start you need to buy offshore(i.e outside the USA) hosting,u can buy offshore hosting from ecatel or leaseweb.

    Where to buy the domain from?
    One's you have bought the offshore hosting time to buy a domain buy the domain from namecheap.com or name.com,u can buy from godaddy also but there has been cases when godaddy has canceled the domain when u received a DMCA.

    What if i get a DMCA?

    Well if you are hosted in USA your datacenter will immediately suspended you site without providing you the backup,and if you are hosted in offshore then DMCA wont be applicable but if u still want to stay safe u can remove the some of the content they have asked u to remove and after some months add the content again :D

    Remember,you wont get a DMCA notice if your site has just started and is very small you'll get it only if it becomes popular and gains popularity.

    these are mainly the main points u need to keep in mind while starting a warez or adult site.
    Once your site has started you need to get traffic to it u can get the traffic from my guide here:

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