12 Year old domain - Little content. What safe?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by onthegoaudio1, Nov 9, 2011.

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    I have a domain that is 12+ years old. I am in a competitive niche, but it offers minimal room for content. I can have 50-100 words. The site gets hundreds of new pages a day, and the content is also added from other sources. So the site does not have great content, or unique really. It would be very hard to make each page unique, or re write each individual page as well. I do this for the main pages I am trying to rank only.

    My question is what can I do to make up for this?

    Right now I am creating high quality unique content feeder sites pointing to each page I am trying to rank.

    Running scrapebox and doing a good amount of links a day..

    Article Marketing.

    The good thing is my competitors sites do not have much better content then my site does. I am sure it is unique as they are much larger companys.
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    I have been hit by the last panda update because I don't have too much content in my website with high competition keywords. My off-page SEO is great also is my on-page, the only problem was I don't have much "text". Now I changed the content and added more unique text and worked for quality backlinks but looks like I'm still frozen in the SERP.
    Domain age can help you but try to make more unique content in your pages. Also stay away from direct scrapebox backlinks.