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    Only joking :p

    I'm one of the very many who have ended up on this site, desperately hoping to wake up one morning drowning in money! To give you a brief introduction, I'm British, relatively young, worked for a renowned web development agency who actually specialize in landing pages, and making user lists grow as astronomically fast as possible. Rather than helping them directly with their optimizations with the consultancy team, I was head of the development team, so all these tips and advice that's shared around these forums I've only briefly touched upon. That being said, I felt as though I learnt a lot from them, and that job gained me a mentor who'd give a helping hand any time of the day.

    I thought dropping a pin into the ocean wouldn't hurt, so I'd give "making a living off the internet" a good go. I know how to make a decent content-filled blog, I can build followers on a Twitter account (albeit at snail pace), I sort of know how to sell myself to a prospective audience, I can make myself a damn good landing page, but nothing's really clicking so far. I think by diving in head-first, I've bitten off more than I can chew, and I should really plan a good structure of 'making content -> build a user base -> try out monetization methods on users". I think lurking and reading through these forums will trigger an epiphany of some sorts, whether it's today tomorrow or in the upcoming weeks.

    Anyway, hope to have fun with you folks! :)
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    From what you wrote, you definitely read off as having he experience and skills.. But there's always something to be learned here on BHW - quick suggestion: reach out and talk to your followers, if they truly are following you and like you content, they will be willing to give honest opinions/insights of why they aren't clicking/converting/buying-in

    cograts on finally joining... and to those who clicked based on the title...Chris Hansen is watching
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