11k + followers and what next on twitter?

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    Guys this is question and I would just like to know what to do next. I have a twitter account and I just update the tweets sometimes... once in two days.... All the followers are perfectly real followers. Even my tweets gets retweeted 20+ times. Here is what I am lacking:-

    I tweet for another website, I dont know whose website that is, but yeah I am giving him some great traffic. I just want to know what will I do with that account? Should I sell it or should I utilize it? Everyday there is a hike of followers. More than 300+ people follow me everyday. And I only follow 400+ people till date. Note:- Its a fake celebrity account, but it has got PR4 also and when searched in google for that celebrity it comes at #1.

    What so you recommend?

    I have posted this in the lounge because I want a discussion out of it, whatever it is funny or logical.
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