110% motivation thread.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by mightybh, Jan 27, 2009.

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    If find real life examples much more motivating than the story about two frogs who fell into the jar of cream so here we go:

    I will give you an example why you should always give it 110% when trying new methods/campaigns. The other week I was trying this new method out of boredom. I spent around 20 minutes on the traffic and let things run. One week later I did not make any sales so I decided that it does not work and moved onto something else. By some magical fluke I happened to log into that same affiliate a day later to find a sale worth $65. I was giving up. I would have never tried the same method again. Even though it worked a treat I simply did not put any effort into it. Now with a little more effort and time this puppy constantly makes me $xxx every day. Nice little side project...

    How about this one...

    http://blogreporter.biz - I was the original creator but I've lost my motivation half way and sold it to somebody more energetic than me. The site now generates almost as much traffic as BHW. Shit... I just noticed they still run my DP coop code from years ago lmao! Might login and see how much weight they got me :D

    When you launch a new startup people are willing to work 24/7 just to get things rolling and when they finally start seeing results most will start to relax. Instead you should be motivated by your results and keep on going.

    Now some of you might remember me selling an ultimate blachat method here not that long ago. I sold it to two DP members who were promoting the same offer on the same affiliate network using the same method. One of them kept on bombarding me with questions like: "What about this?" and "What if I do that?" and "Would it be better if?"... which I must admit I hated at that time... The other day I get an email from these guys at pretty much the same time. One of them who was asking all the questions is thanking me for the method and all the help because he was able to make so much money he can now afford a wedding his girlfriend always dreamed of and telling me how my method has changed his life. The other guy was asking for a refund because he did not make a penny.
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    I'm guilty of doing this.... :( hah

    Thanks for the motivation mightybh
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    The first book which I bought from DP was yours "ultimate blachat method" because I know people is not going to share this here :D . Your e-book was nice but it really didn't help me because of the network which you mentioned in your ebook. I was not having account with any of them.
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    I woke up this morning and checked my email.
    Found 2 commission notifications - one for $40 the other for $245. And if this is not motivation, i don't know what is :p
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    Muff City
    #1 Rule for Success = Passion / Motivation

    Ask yourself: What do I want? And why do I want this? Your inner resourcefulness will find the answer. But Only if you Really Want It.

    I thank you for sharing your method and delivering the script you did and I hope you find Satisfaction and Pride knowing that you are directly responsible for helping others (including myself) find prosperity. BTW, I use your method and give people what they're looking for as well as making $$$ - creating a win/win situation IMO is the best way to do things.
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    I agree with sticking to one plan and focusing for awhile. When I first got involved with IM, I was just overwhelmed at the amount of information. Every day I was trying out some new method or reading up on some new strategies, and I simply burned out. Avoiding burn out is CRUCIAL in this line of work.:D

    Nice avatar viral.
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    Thanks buddy. I needed this. I tend to go into "relaxation mode" quite a lot of times.
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    pimpin is all bout $$$
    Live & D.I.E. in LA
    now that's the kind of thing I want to hear, mightybh.

    I wanted to hear that your method has actually helped other people.

    I had been wondering why you sold off a method that had been succesfull to you and a few others here on BHW