11 Start Up Tips to Get Free Customers

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    1. Be willing to fail repeatedly.

    2. Don't build just a blog. Build a content strategy.

    "Can you reach the right people? Why are those people going to care about you, and what are you doing to earn their interests? And what incentive do they have to share? It is usually not financial. It is usually about making them look good, or feel good, making them look better in their community. Having a great answer to that is really important."

    3. Put all content on one domain under one brand.

    "Can you imagine if Facebook decided: ‘Hey, after we go out of colleges, let's not be Facebook anymore. Let's be Foot Magazine.' Ah no, it's Facebook. People know it. The name carries over, and the same thing is true with SEO and domains."

    4. Content is more than articles and infographics—be creative.

    "Build interesting stuff. Blog posts are fine. Articles can do well, interactive stuff can do well, video can do well. Be creative. Where other people aren't investing, invest in it."

    5. Experiment with different networks and channels.

    6. Build relationships with influencers via three tools.

    "Google Reader, FollowerWonk, and FindPeoplePlus."

    7. Combine keyword research and shareable titles.

    "Take those keywords that you are researching ... and then try to make the keywords for those fun and interesting, and repeatable. Think about what would get lots of great Tweets, if you had that handle on Twitter. And then write that piece of content, and answer those questions for people. This will work phenomenally well."

    8. Don't ignore advertising.

    9. Determine when your community is online.

    10. Use rel-author from Google and post to Google+.

    "This puts a picture by the search result for your content on Google. Users think 'picture = good, me click picture.'"

    11. Combine the above 10 points for maximum impact.
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