10K a month with music

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Hey Folks!

I am reading here for quite some time, only posting every now and then. Now I am also thinking about starting this journey for 2 weeks :D

My goal
Making 10K € a Month with Music Streaming and Curatoring

Where am I at the moment?
So far I made 5K the last months nice starting end of April 2021. This month I am awaiting 2K and next month 3K. Music streaming always pays out 3 months after the streams happened. So in January I am getting paid for November etc...
I will scale this up to 10K within the next 6 months. Making safety as the top priority and not growing to fast.
Curatoring is very low at the moment since I need an authentic and organically grown playlist, but I am getting there where I am paid 13 $ for every track I review. Getting around 30 tracks a month!

I am training people and horses for a living, but my daughter is 1 year old now and I just love spending time at home with my family and doing what I love to do (hobbies, sports, etc..)
Also the situation in Austria is not really nice at the moment. You are forced to be vaccinated 3 times by February before the mandatory vaccination is an official law ... since I don't need it for my work (self employed) nor am I in any danger group I really don't see any sense in getting vaccinated.
So i will build something online.

Whats coming?
I will keep u up2date how its going. Will answer questions, but I can't get to detailed on how I stream music since I do it my own way and don't want to get caught by people copying it. Once I am safe and it is running for quite some time I may be selling a guide. lets see.

Hope u enjoy my ride :D

Ps: The 5K are split between 3 accounts. I am only showing u the biggest one xD
Hey, I own a indie record label with a couple of real artists, could you PM me so we could discuss more?

Also where do you get your accounts & proxies from?

base on ur experience, what would be the sweet spot for streams in 1 artist/account in a month?
Hey man I'm a songwriter and music producer. I'm starting to get into Spotify streams any advice would be helpful. Your journey is very inspiring.
There's a big diff in doing this for IM and as a musician. Let's just say congratulate e-spider for being the enemy of your enemy and thus your friend, if you don't start off on the "Spotify please F&^4#! me train" to begin with."

As a person who dabbles in music myself... it an ideological thing.

RIP - the 27 club.... many might have been killed specifically because they were the top of their career.
Not open for further replies.
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