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108 days on Instagress and only 749 new followers. What am I doing wrong?

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by ladynasty, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. ladynasty

    ladynasty Newbie

    Apr 5, 2017
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    Not 749k... seven hundred and forty nine followers! In 108 days! I must be doing something wrong...

    So I manage the official IG account for my own line of handmade streetwear based in Los Angeles. Before I signed up for Instagress almost four months ago, I did my research and read through several threads on Black Hat. I took the time to set up my Instagress account to target users in the fashion niche.

    During this research period, I came across several posts warning me not to use the follow or comment features on Instagress as this may come across as "inauthentic" to potential followers. The comments feature is an especially sketchy area for me as I myself receive several comments on each of my posts that are clearly Instagress-botted. I don't bother to respond to them because I know they are automated.

    I am assuming this is why I haven't gained a substantial following. Instagress has only been "liking" on my account's behalf, ergo the slow progress. But I am ready to change that if you believe this will help me gain engaged followers. Engagement is key as Instagram is currently my main source of brand awareness, and I hope to convert followers into potential customers (this is why I have refrained from buying thousands of random followers).

    I post at least once a day (my account is almost eight months old, with about 140 posts so far), all original and high-end content. I should have more followers!

    Please help me! This is my first time managing a business account and I am grateful for everything I have learned so far. My business could really benefit from expanded awareness on Instagram, and I am willing and ready to make any changes necessary under your wise mentorship...

    Your advice is greatly appreciated :)