[1000 Posts] How to get tons of videos on your Youtube accounts legally and free

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    I'm hitting the 1000 posts mark and like many others, I'm going to share something I know. This isn't any direct money making method because really they are all out there, I have no secrets. This is rather about how to fill your Youtube accounts with tons of copied videos the legitimate way without getting banned. I've done this and so far no warnings or suspensions.

    Youtube offers 2 types of licenses: Standard and Creative Commons (CC). The former is about having exclusive rights to your video and any copy is a violation. The latter is about giving reuse rights that you are allowed to copy the video.

    Youtube also offers a tool called Video Editor that can be found by clicking on your username > Video Manager > Video Editor, that allows you to edit videos but also look up CC videos to edit and copy them to your account. Now to copy all those videos is a tedious task. I have figured ways to get all those videos for a certain keyword quickly and with no hassle, read on.

    We are going to use the API to get the links to those CC videos as it's much faster and convenient for our task. We are going to use the following URL with all these parameters, don't miss out on any of them.

    As you can see, we're using the q parameter which is the query or our keyword. You modify that one and any spaces you have are replaced by the (+) plus sign, any keywords you would like to exclude, you use (+-) signs.

    The start index is from where the listing starts, the first result is 1.
    1. Apples
    2. Oranges
    3. Bananas
    4. Pineapples

    If I set the start-index to 3 then only Bananas and Pineapples would get listed. And for the max-results the highest value is 50.

    If you'd like to sort the list by publish time, you add this &orderby=published to the URL, or by view count you add/change to this &orderby=viewCount.

    Now we have the listing of all CC videos, the next we are going to do is download the video files in flv/mp4 format. To do that, we are going to need this firefox tool. Once installed, you go to your API URL then right click on the page and click on BYTubeD with has a green arrow icon. Create a folder on your desktop and have the settings look something like below, select the videos you want to download or click Select All then click Start to download the videos.


    The video format does not matter, it's up to you. But MP4s tend to be bigger in size so if you don't want to wait to upload all videos then choose FLV.

    Now you have all the videos on your desktop, you are going to upload them, and luckily Youtube supports bulk video upload. But by default, all fields of a video are empty (title, description, tags, category). So before uploading we are going to change that to have the same description, tags and category for all videos. You go here (Settings>Defaults) then you fill out everything except the title, you don't want all videos to have the same title. Now go to the upload page, press the upload button, highlight all videos, then get them up. They all will start uploading and you will see the fields getting pre-populated so you don't have to do anything and I suggest you to not touch the title for now. The reason is because the extension name (.flv or .mp4) is there and it will be saved in the title, so if you let it be it will not be included in the title.

    So that's how you do it and it's very easy actually. Get yourself a VPS if your home connection is slow. Repeat the process with a new starting index like 51. And in my experience, you will get some views on your videos if it's about a hot topic or a popular niche.

    One problem with the addon above is that it gets only half of the links for some odd reason, I don't know how to have them all but post if you know how to fix this or if you know of any other better tool. For now switch keywords and change pages to get more videos.
    I have still not figured out how to apply the same annotation on all videos at the same time or have it applied by default. I will update this thread when I get to know how to do it.
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    Okay so I appreciate that you're sharing what you know first of all, cool perspective, yadayada, anyways. Your link gave me:

    The webpage at icantpostlinks might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
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    Very Nice trick. Will come in handy for sure!
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    You do understand guys that you just answered on post that is 4 years old?