$1000 one time or $300/month You must be US/CA + Company formed

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by forgot, Aug 8, 2011.

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    Ok, this is the third thread here cause on previous two threads, I didnt have a review from my previous partner.

    Basically, I need to sign up at some site and they take only US/CA residents in who have company formed. Plus they require TWO ids as well for verification. (I will let you know which IDs are needed)

    So either I can sign up or we can use teamviewer and sign up. Then you will need to scan the ids and email them to me so that I can send them to the company. You can put in bold large words like "it is for use only at site-name.com" and then provide them to me, which ever way you feel comfortable.

    In sign up form, I need to fill in your name, address, phone number (i can fill in my number), company name and address and IDs number.

    I can either pay you $300/month for as long as I use the account or I can pay you money in lump sum.
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    Sorry I wasn't awake when the previous threads were started.
    I answered this thread that was started by forgot.
    After ironing out some initial problems that were on my end we started the venture.
    I would like to say that even though things didn't go the way they were expected for
    forgot he stuck to his end of the bargain and paid me even though he was making a loss.
    I only wish I was in the US or CA so I could enter into this venture. We mutually agreed
    to end our venture as It just wasn't fair that forgot was paying me $1000s of dollars a
    month and yet making a loss for himself.
    I would never hesitate to work with him again as he is a gentleman of his word.
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