$1000 is 7 days Isnt to bad!


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Oct 11, 2009
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I Joined Electrics CPA Program a while ago and I ran it for 7 days and hit over $1000 not shabby for as little effort as I put in it. And Payment was right one time. Even being paid from Canada the wire only took me less then 2 hours to get here in the states.
Well I figure we blast out bad/nonpaying CPA Programs I wanted to give a Blast out to Electic for a job well done.....
Thanks bro, we do our best to help out all of our affiliates as much as possible in succeeding.
We was in a room till you busted in Nuf lol Did you Bring the Beer?
Can you guys pm me the affiliate link?I would like to join..thanks!
PM me too.. i'm so much interested. i got financian problem here... :(
What is the URL to sign up with this company?
Thanks bro, we do our best to help out all of our affiliates as much as possible in succeeding.

What do you say if you put a signup link in your sig? Expect to see a flood of new registrants.... and that includes me :eyebrows:

Link pls?
Hey guys contact me via AIM if you have any questions- ewmShane
He has Acai, Credit Report and Alot more...
I made what made solo off Acai
I dunno I think Electric Runs Low Key on here.... But I know you can always get him on AIM or Pm's

PS... I know its a Private Network so Hope I didnt open a can of worms lol... Cant post a Link if you want to know
about it past what ive said PM Electric or yamahafzr
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Thanks, but what do they do exactly what kind of programs? All that link gives is a sign up, i want to see what im signing up for!
Means you can make even more if you do something more? that's nice, Best of luck!
new ways of making money.....liked on black hat
:ebay: :ebay: :ebay: :ebay: :ebay: :ebay: :ebay: :ebay: :ebay: :ebay:
all i gotta say is read read read and work hard and you will make money

Wow! I wish I could make even $10 per week. I try CPA offers buy only got $7 and payout is $50 and the month is running out!
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