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    Everyone has started a blog... a failed one. Next time, try this.

    1. Get other popular bloggers to know who you are.

    Make them your friends. Comment, but when you do, add to the discussion instead of just flattering them. Initiate direct contact by e-mail and get them excited about what you're doing as a blogger. Find them on forums and interact there.

    2. Interact with the blogosphere, but do it fast.

    Conversations die out within a week, but if you respond on the first day, that gives other, later bloggers the opportunity to link to your response as part of the ongoing discussion. Journalists strive to be first, and so should you.

    3. Create masterpieces.

    What's better than being the first significant comment? Starting the avalanche. Spend time developing significant or linkworthy content.

    4. Cheat.

    Not a great writer? If you can create art or memes, even better. Bloggers love to steal art because they are usually inept at creating it. Even better, everyone loves to steal images, especially in social media. Infographics are the best way to cheat your way into a masterpiece today.

    5. Quantity or Quality: You Decide.

    In every niche, there is a blogger at the top of the game who posts ten times a day with marginally valuable stuff, and there is another blogger at the top who posts a few times a month with a masterpiece. Quantity works because people respond to new updates like it's their favorite drug, so you'll get a steady audience if it's half-decent. Either way is effective, so go with your strengths.

    6. "If You Build It, They Will Come" is a MYTH

    But, you also don't need a neon sign for your bar if you get a reputation as a place for a good time by anyone who visits, including the most influential barflies in town who are throwing out all the invites.

    The same applies to your blog: get the big dogs watching, and the sheep will follow.

    Edited to say: This does work, and it is how I got started online a long time ago, but 'monetizing a blog' is usually best achieved with more than just a blog. It works well with driving interest in your info product (book + e-book), and it also works well as a platform for creating interest in and traffic for your evergreen money sites. Blog traffic is often more valuable than other kinds because it attracts readers passionate about your personal brand as well as other authorities in the niche who are powerful allies. If you write for them and create a relationship through the blog, they will receive your announcements with enthusiasm and promote for you. :)
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    Nice written thread, it shows how simple humanity is.. :D
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    I like your approach-piggy back on other more established bloggers' influence and following.