100 Phone Numbers from 100 Different US Cities


Nov 20, 2009
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Hi everyone,

Can anyone recommend a good call forwarding service? Or anyone or company that could accept phone calls to verify 100 different accounts?

Phone number should be in US only and should be from 100 different cities.

PM me your offers or recommendations please.
yes i am.. why is that bannedfree? are you also from the philippines?
No takers for this? Still looking. Change of needs. It can be not entirely different cities. We just need 100 phone numbers which is US based.
Yes i am. ^^ nice to know a fellow phil here. One more thing though be careful with your post here in BHW Forums.

Your post is referring to the WTB section and not to the Hire a Freelancer section. Mods will ban your account. I just would like you to know though. ;) Anyways what type of target are you referring too with your no.? Thanks.
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