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100 percent authentic air jordans foams lebrons wholesale

Discussion in 'Dropshipping & Wholesale Hookups' started by solewholesale, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. solewholesale

    solewholesale Newbie

    Sep 8, 2015
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    wholesale jordans foams lebrons dropship or wholesale real deal boxes with reciept we have jordans a month before they come out sommetimes 3 months no a or bgrades yeezy as well no fakes from cheap stores legit upc box and reciepts jordans and sneakers go for mad high now as resell
    i can get the shoes for you early or you will have them deadstock thats mean when stores sell out or dont have them people are willing to pay a nice penny for them like yeezy retail for $200.00 when they sell out they go for $1000 online so buy from us same quality as footlocker footaction etc.

    pm me if your ready must buy 10 at a time and some limte
    $_57 (2).jpg d 5 at a time $_57 (1).jpg

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