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    May 13, 2012
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    Hello all,
    Project: I have site in weight loss,healthy eating,lose fat niche. Site has 100 posts, 15-20 posts main keywords have 1000+ exact searches per month and 1+ CPC.

    1. Yesterday I started with offsite optimization and I think that I could easly come to 7-10$ per day with site structure and keywords which I already have.

    Offsite plan:
    Directory Submission
    Social Bookmarking
    Web 2.0 Creation (for link wheel)
    Article Submssion (Ezine,articlebase and goarticles)

    Only WhiteHat!

    And I am looking for Guest Bloging, so if anybody is interested reply to thread or send me PM.

    If you see some weaknesses in offsite plan please comment on it.

    2. I am posting new articles every week, which means that I am targeting with new keywords every week :) and like that way my site will be growing until reach 100$ per day.

    Why I created this thread?
    Firstly because without you and that great community I can not reach this goal and secondly, because I will change threat title to [Case Study] when my goal will be reached and people can see how we together reach this goal. So please comment on my strategy plan and ideas to create a lot of suggestions :)

    If anybody have some questions about my project can contact me or reply to this thread.

    Thank you

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    finally 200$/day reached. yeaaaah (and one for motivation:))