100% no BS Refunds are actually BS LOL EasyAutoTube

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    Recently brought an item from JVZOO called EasyAutoTube, It came risk free with a 100% no BS Refund.

    It sounded good, it was cheap, and with the refund in mind I took a Gamble.

    Just thought id warn everyone that EasyAutoTube, is not that Easy to set up, and once you do it's really not worth it, it sets up a really poor quality website that imports the wrong videos.

    So naturally I asked for a refund, they took a few days to answer, and then wanted logins to my site to see what was wrong with the product blah blah.. I don't give out logins and don't want the product, so again I asked for a refund. Unfortunately 2 days later they said they cannot give me a refund until they address the problem, which basically means NO REFUNDS.

    I contact JVZOO who were actually really quick:

    "I understand your frustration entirely. While JVZoo may or may not agree with the refund policy set forth by the vendor, the refund process is entirely between the buyer and the seller. You can find out more information on the rights and responsibilities of the vendor in regards to refunds here:"

    This basically translates to, YES we do not mind taking commission from newbies like you but we also do not care what we are selling, if you're scammed LMAO at you!!

    Luckily EasyAutoScam was pretty cheap so I've not lost out on much, I just think their way of business does include a little BS.

    I've closed my JVZOO account now too, so I'll soon gain my money back by not buying more of this trash.

    So friends be warned "NO BS REFUNDS" are infact BS! :)