$100+/Lead, $500/Day Method

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    This is not a super blackhat method. It's actually very straight forward and legit. I'm going to outline this once and not answer a bunch of newbie questions after I post it, so use your fellow bhwers and google to help answer other questions.

    1. Sign up for a good CPA network with a Dish Network and/or Directv Incentive Offer. (PM me for my network's url). They pay over $100 each time someone signs up for the service.

    2. Post ads on Craigslist about how much local cable company sucks, complaining about the terrible cable service, ranting about a long line at the cable payment center, etc... You get the idea.

    3. Answer all the emails you get from this saying something like ya, I just decided I'm going to switch and I can get a discount ordering online: aff link.

    4. Conversions take a few weeks to credit because you are paid when they actually get it installed, but at over $100 per conversion you can't go wrong...

    Get creative with this. Don't just copy and paste what I have here. You can spin it however. The Dish offers are very hands off with promotion methods. This kind of stuff should be ok with them. I will only answer pms.
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