100% Authentic Gift Cards directly from manufacturers - Looking for retailers

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    Hi bhw ,

    I have contacts with a few Gift card manufacturing companies , and i can ship gift cards to you on manufacturer price+ a small fee )

    By gift cards , I don't mean gift cards like Amazon /walmart or such gift cards , These are purely gift cards , which can be used for anything .

    Sample :


    This is just 1 sample , we can provide 9 designs of cards .

    A few Specifications :

    Material: PVC/Plastic

    Size:86*54 mm (CR80 ISO Standard)

    These 2 are common specifications , but different cards have different specifications...So get it touch to know more .

    FULL Details will be provided to you upon request .

    We are looking for long term retailers .We are also looking for world wide retailers..

    if you would like to discuss more , Please add me on skype : answerserp / Email : [email protected] /Pm me /Post here.

    ONLY Serious queries Please .I would recommend getting in touch with me via skype for fast and smooth dealings .

    P.S.I'm an experienced person on Commodity trading , from India , so if there is anything else except Gift Cards , for dropshipping or anything , please get in touch with as well ..I'm ready to discuss and see what we can come up to..I'm in contact with many manufacturing companies in India , so we can possibly come to some business relation..

    Thanks !
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    Just so I understand correctly, I can get legitimate prepaid cards with my logo on it? Can you reload the cards in-store or by phone and do you have MC as well?