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Nov 29, 2008
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BHW Reviews

I asked Blackbeans to rewrite a Forbes article and what I got was excellent. The article is more informative and interesting than the original piece in my opinion.

Will be back for more.

He is a great writer that creates a compelling content that actually works and catches people's attention! Not many other writers can produce the same, so I believe that is also due to natural talent involved. I am re-ordering for the 7th time now and will be placing more orders going forward. Thank you once again - appreciate your help!

I have placed my second order recently and going to place third soon. The quality of the writing and the english is amazing. Also the communication with OP is great. I am very satisfied with this service!

Great writer. Have been using him for almost a year now and the work is always great and engaging. Highly Recommended and the best writer on bhw by a mile.

Review: I placed order with OP and Im really pleased with it - it was well written and the spelling/grammar was impeccable. A lot better than I thought it would be. I will be coming back for more :)
Love the work brotha! I have tried a few other writing companies and none come close to what you offer. About to place another order!

If anyone is on the fence, just go for it, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Ordered 10 articles from @blackbeans a little while ago. They were received extremely fast. It is a pretty technical topic that I requested, but all were done to a very high quality. The articles are all ranking pretty aggressively on search engines as well. I am ordering another 10 currently and would definitely say he's one of the best copywriters on the web for the price.

Love the work and how easy it is to communicate with you! Will definitely be back for all my content needs.

10/10 - Hands down the best service out there

I found a 5,000 words Kindle book from Gene but received 11,000 words!

Gene is amazing and the content is well written. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

The value you get back is absurd.

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I have tested 8 content writers in the past week - using a few from BHW and some from other sources and @blackbeans comes out on TOP so far!

I sent each writer a request for 1 article and a lot of others used non Native English writers, lacked depth or engagement - but @blackbeans did a great job of making sure I got all three!

No grammar issues and he didn't treat this like a transaction. Some genuine thought has gone into the article.

TAT was a couple of days longer than competitors but I don't mind waiting for a good piece of work. The shi!t work others complete means I have to re-write or get someone else to re-write for me.

I have ordered another 10 articles and fingers crossed I won't need to touch them to bring them up to my standards!

Well done @blackbeans


Ordered a second time as I find this service to be a tremendous time saver and value. The writer does capture the essence of the original article so it's still the same message but totally unique.

Excellent content writing service. Delivered fast and the articles don't read or sound like it's spun out of software. Very little edits on my end. Highly recommended!

I've recently placed my 7th order with this writer for the rewrite across health topics. I must say the quality is GREAT given I have yet purchased nearly 10k words in total. The texts are easy to read and what is more important are written in plain English. I am very pleased with the service. Thanks bro - much appreciated! Will give you a ping once my new order is ready!

Hey folks. Just a quick review of his work.

I received my article within 5 days and it’s better than the original both in format and readability.

Quite good and I’m really glad to work with him. I’ll be doing more.

Thanks for everything!

I've ordered rewrites and original content from Gene a bunch of times now. While I did post a review on another of his threads before I realized I never posted one here. Since this is the thread for the service I've ordered from him the most, I knew I had to fix that.

This guy is the real deal. He's a professional and talented writer offering his service at a bargain price. I've paid much more in the past for content that didn't come close in quality. His rewrites come out better than the content I've sent him. The additions he makes to inject the pieces with more personality provides an excellent conversational tone without losing any of the original article's informative value. Hell, he even expands upon the information that the original article offers.

When I don't have the time to write my own content, Gene is my go-to, and the only downside is the content I write myself looking worse in comparison!

For Review Copies:
Step 1: Read the restrictions mentioned in the ad. You have to be a Jr. VIP member. Review copies are limited to 500 words.
Step 2: Post your request for a review copy in this thread
NOTE: Since paid orders take priority over free review copies, please expect to wait several days for your review copy (depending on existing wait list)

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I have ordered like 15+ times from @blackbeans and must admit this is the top-notch rewrites I've ever seen. I love his style and the way he produces content. I wish I would order more but I hope this is just a matter of time I will be constantly using his service moving forward. 10 out of 10 as per usual. Keep it up bro!


I have been buying articles from Gene for a couple of weeks now, and I couldn't have been more pleased with the quality.

For the price you pay, this is a steal!

One of best professional and quality content i ever ordered.

Here is my transaction order id:

One of the best services on the forum, and I've used many of them. Multiple articles ordered and delivered, extremely happy with the quality of the work. If you know how to choose the right article for rewriting, blackbeans will provide you with top level material for extremely fair price.
Two articles ordered. ID: ****************664H

I have purchased four articles three times. The article was written very well, exactly what I wanted. And there are many places where slang and spoken expressions are used, which looks very native. OP is an excellent writer in this forum.

This is a very high quality writing service, super fast delivery and very reasonably priced. Just placed my third order. Thank you very much.

Although i'm new to this forum, I've used Gene's service numerous times & his writing style is top notch, He will always be my go to writer for top quality rewrites/content. His rewrites ranks end of, Thanks bro

Ordered my third package. I’m a native English speaker and can say the quality won’t disappoint
will write a few lines about my experience with this seller.
first of all, I must say this seller is very nice to chat with, easy to communicate and he knows his stuff so he doesn't ask too many questions and I don't bother him with directions, provided him with keywords and he wrote content that gets you to read it all. Very impressed. Yet he over-delivers the word count and I don't complain about that.. haha
good investment for sure. already planning my next order with @blackbeans

Heavily Recommended!!
Review time ...

I received my article in less than 24 hrs and all I can say is WOW... I am BLOWN AWAY!

The article is WAYYYYY better than I ever expected... this service is much more than a simple re-write, they actually made the article totally unique and far better than the original.

I will be ordering again and again...

I absolutely HIGHLY recommend this writing service.... you won't find better at this price anywhere, in fact you won't find better at twice the price!

Thanks a million!
I highly recommend this writing service by OZKI - easy to work with and great communication. I got a few pieces of content done including a re-write that was excellent. Quality content, completed quickly, for a great price! Will place more orders.
This is an amazing service and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Gave him a nearly 5,000 word article to re-write and it came out absolutely outstanding. So good I published on a money site (not what I was going to originally publish on) that only I and 2 other writers I pay very good money to have published articles.

I highly recommend his service!

@blackbeans produced me a 1,500 rewrite on a topic of my choice. The subject was extremely well researched and he wrote in a very professional manner. Content was very HQ and no worse than my writing, and I'm a UK native with degree education. Would recommend.
Gene did a rewrite for me and it was clear, money material . I think if your strategy is google go with gene, look up an article in your niche that is ranking high (means ppl like the article) let gene rewrite it and do it better and beat the original article , thanks man i look forward to a long business relationship
Review after my third order.
You can expect what was advertised in the sale copy: Native writing at dirt cheap price.
I really like the flow of the rewrites, barely need to edit before posting.
There isn't much to say about communication since I don't have to ask for revision or give too many instructions.
TAT was fast for my last few orders which makes the experience even better.
Native writing at dirt cheap price
copyscape passed
looks fresh content
I've worked with Gene on several writing packages now in addition to a couple of other services he offers and I just wanted to update on his quality of service as well as his customer service which is absolutely outstanding!

If you need great quality content at a more than reasonable price along with superior customer service, I highly recommend you give him a try.
Order: xxxxxxxxx2832F

My 3rd order. Def my go to for rewrites, never let's down.
I highly recommend @blackbeans! I used their services and got professional and well-written material. I will use them more in the future.
I thought maybe he would suck, but I have to tell you ... I just had him do a full report for me for my newest money blog, and he is actually a damn good writer. I was surprised ... He pounded out 3500 words and it really reads nicely. Like the best writing you could ever hope for (including your own best). I rate him 5 out of 5 stars and I am not just saying that for a free this or a free that. He's great.
Another order placed - the BEST content writer I have worked with so far!

Tx ID: 8727
Another order placed xxxxxxxxx5321, Great service!
I got my review copy from @blackbeans the quality of the article was very good in fact it's as good as the original piece sent to him.
I checked the article with Grammarly and I got a score of 98 and 99 for plagiarism which is very good.
Communication was fast and easy and the delivery was fast also for a review copy.
Highly recommended.
Review Copy Received:

I have super high standards when it comes to writing. @blackbeans has taken rewriting and made it into an Art form! Although this is 'rewriting' there are numerous sections where they are adding their own unique flair, giving the piece a conversational tone and a high level of engagement. Very impressed. I'll be back.

Grammarly Premium:
99 Engagement (out of 100)
Clarity: Very Clear (highest)
100% Unique
My Review:

Yesterday I was approved by @blackbeans for a review copy and today I received the article completely unique. The tone of the article was most likely from native writer.

Article Quality: (10/10) Article was completely unique with Grammarly score of 99
Support: (10/10) Excellent, he replies me within minutes
TAT: (10/10) It took only 10-12 hr for the 1000 article to get delivered.

Definitely recommended service for the one who is looking for cheap native writers.
Had a unique job and the seller handled it well. Prompt, flexible, and smart. Great experience I will be using service often
Ordered this time last week and received my 6 rewrites today.
Very impressed! Really well written and flows well. Content is unique and Grammarly can barely find a mistake.

Will continue to work with Gene in the future, cheers mate!
Received the result of my review copy today. In some parts of the rewritten article, I did not even find out what part of the real article that paragraph came from.
Solid grammar, no plagiarism, and all the info from the original article was in there in it's own unique way.

Highly recommended!

I ordered a 2000-word article that involved doing research and I wasn´t disappointed - it was easy to read and informative. Would definitely order again. Recommended!
Received a 5000 word article this morning. Amazed by the quality, definitely worth the money. Thanks again.
To Place an order or Contact Me about Ordering - CLICK HERE
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Apr 25, 2011
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Seems pretty decent. I’m interested in seeing a sample if possible - sample of the original + the rewrite.


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May 30, 2012
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Seems intresting . I would like to take a review copy to test this. if this suits well for me.
Thank you


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Feb 7, 2012
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Hi, I would like a review copy to test this.
Interested in ur service for my money site portfolio

thanks a lot


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Dec 11, 2015
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Interested in a sample of an original and rewritten version if possible. Thank you.


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May 17, 2016
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Would love to see a sample, original and rewritten.


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Apr 7, 2014
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Interested in receiving a copy review. Good luck with your sale.


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Feb 14, 2015
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Already ordered this, will review here tomorrow when i get the article from OP.


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Nov 28, 2013
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Looks like a great service. Best of luck to you on this. May check you out in the future with some stuff.


Jul 11, 2013
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Let me know if you have any review copies left.

Send me some sample product review/comparison.