100$ a day with movie website and looking for more.

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    Jul 7, 2015
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    I managed to create a mobile friendly website about movies.
    Just news and reviews etc...
    My traffic is mostly from my android apps.
    So it is 100% direct and very few users coming from search.

    I manage to have around 2000 users from USA and UK which are the ones making average 100$ from revenue ads.
    The rest is not making any decent cent at all.

    I created this thread to ask if there are some ad networks that could convert better ?
    I found one thread a while back about someone who created a movie website and injecting Download Watch ads from ad-center.

    I went to ad-center but the website looked really fishy to me.
    Is there any other suggestions please ?

    I have been running this website for about a month and a half and from the reports
    Most users they click Download ads from revenueads because they think they can download the movie of course.

    Thank you.
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    Jan 31, 2014
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    Try to rank some keywords as well - this way you get both the traffic from your apps + Google and Bing :)

    Sometimes the advertisement isn't the key to scale, but mainly the traffic. :)

    Good job, the site is still young and that is a great achievement!
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    $100 day is very good for such a young site. What network are you using currently?

    I am also into entertainment niche (not movies though) and also wondering what to use. Going to give Ad-center a try. Anyone can refer me into ad-center?