100.000 Active Adult-Site Membership details.. How to monetize ?

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    Hello fellow Blackhatians

    My girlfriends brother currently co-owns an adult site with over 100.000 members and over 60.000 paying memberships.
    We have spoken now for a while and during the past months developed a pretty strong bond, up to the point where he is willing to allow me somehow monetize from his sites database information. (Emails+ name)
    By affiliate marketing or any type of legal way I can come up with.

    This guys (60.000 paying members) being active, I somehow believe its possible to get a decent conversion to other "adult" sites.

    What do you guys think ? How could I monetize this legally? Due to the nature of the website I believe I will have to self-manage any email campaign... Is affiliate marketing to other similar sites my answer here by gathering opt-ins first?

    Thanks :)
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