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10 Things Successful People Do to Achieve Their Dreams

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by HeRBaR, Mar 10, 2013.

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    I didn't wrote this, time to time when I see or read smth that I like, I copy it and save on OneNote.
    This is one of them...

    1. They Didn't Make Excuses.
    Actual difference lies in the attitude. If you want to achieve it, you'll keep it at first priority. No excuses, no lies!
    2. It Wasn't for Self-Interest.
    People who have been truly successful in their life have created change in lives of others, not just their own. These people have led the masses and achieved their goals!
    3. Worked at Odd Hours
    When you are dedicated to do something, you don't see the clock; you don't see night, day, season, or anything else. People who have been truly successful have given numerous early mornings and late nights to their goal(s).
    4. High Energy
    If you go through the history, you'll find that all the achievers have been full of energy at all the times. What helped them get closer to their goals was their high level of never-ending energy!
    5. Driven by Principles.
    Successful achievers have been driven by their principles and have been known for them. Your principles guide you through tougher times and help you reach your goals.
    6. Unbreakable faith.
    Successful achievers have been unshakable in their approach towards their goals. Numerous times during the course of their life they faced doubts, criticism, negativity, and much more, but their unbreakable faith and constant hard work helped them achieve success.
    7. Reason-Driven.
    People who have reached success have always been driven by a reason. There has always been an incident which they say ignited spark in their mind, heart, and soul.
    8. Persistent Determination.
    If your determination is weak, you'll give a half-hearted approach to your goal; but, if it is strong enough to face all odds, you'll reach your target anyhow. This is where successful people were different! They've all had strong and persistent determination.
    9. Study Deep
    Successful people study deep their craft as much as anyone. Assuming success is something you want, you have to study your craft, whatever it may be. Learn it inside-out.
    10. Take Risks.
    Let it be cliche:) of a phrase, it is absolutely true. The ones who have dared have achieved it. The ones who didn't could never have been there!