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10 Social Networks Where You Won’t Lose Your Private Life

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by AndyPR, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. AndyPR

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    Jun 26, 2012
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    This social network allows you to sort the group of different people you might be interested in into circles. So you have control over what you share with which circle. The app offered by this social site is not as beautiful as the one from Google+ but it is so simple that it even your grandma can get used to it in just a few minutes. With the raising concern about privacy, Everyme remains one of the most private networks you can trust. And you are free to delete your private data from it anytime you want.

    At last a network for those ladies recently turned mom that just can?t resist sharing their baby pictures. On the mainstream social networks, that would be seen as spammy. But in a situation where you are sharing your pictures with other new mothers, it is a whole different experience. The fact is nobody is interested in seeing those 45 pictures of Boby who started walking but that might excite other mothers who can?t wait see their own starting to walk to.

    Notabli would be seen as an improvement of 23Snap in the sense that it enable parents to not only share pictures of their children but also their audios, videos and drawings with other families. Because the app is private by default, parents don?t need to be worried about who is looking at their pictures. It is only in the case where they intentionally share their photos with another users that they can be seen. Another feature particular to Notabli is that it allows for a second parent to be added to a created account allowing the couple to update its feed as a team.

    Here is a social network designed to help you keep in touch with the people who live near you. You can rely on them to find your lost puppy or pass on a message if you are about to organize a party. This is not just about socializing with that hot guy next door you felt too shy to talk directly with, it is also about making sure that neighbors keep each other?s back. For example in the case a thief sneaks into a neighbor?s house, this is a good platform to inform him straight away. This social network is one of the most complicated to join. To make sure that its network is as safe as possible Nextdoor requires the new user to present a valid address, phone number and even credit card number. Some will have to go as far as mailing back a postcard to be a member.

    It is difficult to keep up with all the different social accounts that we use. There is Gtalk here, Twitter there and Facebook chat in between. How about putting all those messaging app into one big box. That is what Yammer is all about. Keep track of everything in just one place.

    It can be quite boring to see some of your Facebook friend professing their love all day long for that one person. If you are dealing with such a friend this is the app that you should suggest for him/her. Couple is an app that allow people to send love messages and drawing to their loved one in a private manner. One peculiarity of this application is the ?thumbkiss?. While your partner is away you can thumbkiss each other by pressing your thumb on the screen of the phone simultaneously and both phones will start to vibrate.

    This is another private social network that puts some restrictions to the number of friends one is supposed to have. You can get up to 150 friends so you better limit yourself to only your closest ones. Also each friend on Path is seen as a valuable friend so there is no algorithm that will deem one friend post not worthy to get into the news feed. That said the website is designed in a way that friends cannot send too many posts at a time. This implies that you never feel overwhelmed by an overcrowd news feed.

    This site can be useful to parent having a hard time keeping up wit the family schedule. Your children can choose to ignore your friend request on Facebook. On FamilyWall you are in control of the situation. The social site has a feature that allows children to show their location through their phone. This is perfect for mother that are worried about their kid. It is also going to be much easier to keep track of important family events when checking the shared calendar associated with it.

    A social network for educators. This the place where a student can meet a teacher and have a nice conversation with him. Educators are free to create pages for each class they teach and send a message to all students at once or pick just specific ones. The owner of the page created has full control over it so he can decide to remove certain student posting privileges. The most useful tool on the site is the backpack that give students the ability to upload files related to school projects.

    It can be quite annoying when a friend of yours invades your news feed with all the 150 photos he took during last night?s party. Maybe you should suggest him Photocircle. The best place where he can upload those pics without upsetting anybody. All friends that came at that party can put their phones together in a circle and link up. All pictures taken by linked up phones will be sent accordingly to Photocircle.
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  2. Micoli

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    Nov 22, 2012
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    Every new social site is 100% private, until it gets famous and is obliged to offer information about its users.
  3. craigygee

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    Nov 5, 2009
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    I've been contemplating starting one that focus's more on media sharing that's more innovative, good promotion options that wont annoy all of their friends and complete privacy.

    IMO I don't think parents should be making accounts like this for example:
    Facebook accounts for their 4 year old that shows everything about them, where they live, etc. It's really creepy and as a parent they should know better. I've seen this going on for the past few years and it's getting worse and worse. Then these people wonder why more kidnappings are happening and more stalkers are coming around and messing with their children.

    I have the software for this social network which is pretty rad and easily customized the programming is flawless, I have the domain and server, I have a lot of people in the Michigan area interested and saying they can't wait because they are sick of Facebook and other networks. I am a promoter here and work with many bands, bars, restaurants, venues and have talk about this and planned since about 4 months ago. I have friends who work for and run Promotion and Booking companies, I've showed them the blueprint / proposal and they are infatuated with it. I also am in both Adult and Non-adult Industries and have networks of websites generating millions of hits a month and good revenue, so money is not a problem, if you jv I'm always here to help and can provide free hosting.

    There's tons of idea's me and my partner have been bouncing around, can't really list more detail here but I could use some more help and wouldn't mind bringing a couple of fellers on board as a JV. No money or anything is required, just your talent. I'm a programmer, Website Designer/Developer, Rep Management & Promo Specialist, and top dog at SEO,SEM,SMM and Internet / Offline Marketing. My business partner is the business end of things and provides us a lawyer, an office, accountant, keeps track of everything and keeps the books fresh daily. He also is an marketing executive at ford so he is a really valuable asset not to mention he has all of the best contacts I could meet.

    Basically we have our shit together, but being a one man army (sucking up my pride on this one) is very hard, stressful and time consuming, we've grown to where I have to outsource but I would rather have some honest, loyal , talented individuals preferably in the Southeast Michigan area. I'm willing to bring a couple from around the USA, maybe an exception for one from outside the US but you must speak proper English and be able to answer a questionnaire and provide some valid samples of your skills and/or work.

    Let's protect "privacy" and make something that's just beautifully Designed, Coded and Marketed. I'm offering even splits on revenue and as I said, no investment or anything cash related is required, we got it covered. I'd prefer reputable bhw members who have been here a while , no newbies unless you have references and can prove that you're legit.