10 Smart Ways to Spend Your Digital Marketing Budget

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    10 Smart Ways to Spend Your Digital Marketing Budget

    Hello BHW members! Good day to all. I’m gonna shed light on how to spend money in a way that meets your end goals. I got to know that most of the marketers having extra money and do not know where to spend their digital marketing budget and how to spend their hard earned dollars.

    There are tons of marketing tools existing, and it's a little confusion in which tool you should spend your money.

    To be honest, not every tool is effective for each business.

    I had noticed few months before that most of the marketing corporation was losing their hard earned dollars and even doesn’t make any impact too.

    I tried to found what’s wrong with them and I was recognized that they remain using various subscription tools to improve SEO, monitor website traffic, and measure their site rankings.

    And another thing, they did mistake is investing their money in erroneous tools. Luckily, I’m happy to say that they’re now using only effective tools and producing effective content.

    I have found that few businesses are operating in the way that they are spending money mostly on tools and aren’t right tools, so they are not getting on ROI.

    Here’s what I need you to know is you need to spend your dollars in tools that make your business grow.

    Few months before, I did research on some tools and found that some tools will be helpful for getting good results in your business.

    I have used some of these tools mentioned below, and I would like to share my experience with you here.

    Now, I’m glad to reveal the tools that made my life easier and help to grow my business.

    1. Ahrefs:

    Backlinks are the backbone of digital marketing. This is why we should always aware of our site backlink at every time. For this, Ahrefs are in easy reach. Why it’s too handy?

    This is because it’s not a single tool, instead; it’s a combination of six tools. With this, you can get access to many as follows,

    • Site explorer
    • Positions explorer
    • Content explorer
    • Position tracker
    • Crawl report
    • Alerts from Ahrefs
    These tools are very helpful for link building. Furthermore, you can monitor your site’s backlinks and discover competitor’s keywords. It helps to check your SEO, and also you get notified when you’ll receive new backlinks. You can also get 2-week free-trail.

    2. Buffer:

    It’s a most popular social tool. If a person is maintaining a good social media strategy, then it’s a must-have one. The reason is it lets you to schedule posts in advance.

    One thing I actually love about this tool is its product offerings. Both the individual and business options of this tool are effective for different budgets.

    Luckily, its basic individual plan is absolutely free. Oh! How to sign up for free?

    • Go to buffer.com
    • Place your mouse pointer on “Get started for free” and then click.
    • Fill in the required fields and hit “Create Account.”
    • By using other options such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you can also sign up.
    Need more features, you can also upgrade it.

    3. Crazy Egg:

    I’m little bit excited to recommend this tool to you. Why because? It has solved many problems effectively. Here are its rousing features,

    In a nutshell, this tool affords supportive heatmaps, which lets you know where people click on your page and how much time they’re scrolling your page, how extreme they scroll and even much more. Along with this, you can also get a visual picture of what your visitors are doing. You can also get to know that they stop reading your articles mid.

    You can get started this tool with a 30-day free trial. How?

    • Visit CrazyEgg.com
    • Simply enter your website in the box you found there.
    Upgrading this tool is also easy because plans start at just $9 per month. This is why I told you in the beginning that I was excited to recommend this incredible tool.

    4. Facebook:

    Most of the marketers are using Facebook, but, I’m damn sure that none of them are spending money on Facebook astutely. I think I spend much money on it. These days, social ads are being effective.

    How to get started your first ad?

    Step 1: Make an impressive video that reveals all the important features of your product and what people gets from it.

    Step 2: Set up your ad using https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager/creation/. Click “Get Video Views.”

    Step 3: Select your Facebook page and setup the target area for your ad.

    Step 4: Decide how much you like to spend. You have two options (bid on video views) and (daily unique reach).

    Step 5: It’s time to upload your impressive video and select the appropriate thumbnail.

    Step 6: After finishing all these steps, click “place my order.”

    If your ad meets Facebook terms, then they will approve your ad.

    5. GetResponse:

    Out of other marketing tools, I love this one very much. Why? We cannot find its special features in other tools, and it’s extremely easy to use.

    Here, I reveal what I got to know about this tool,

    It allows you to get access to several features such as autoresponders, a drag-and-drop editor, advanced segmentation, open and click tracking, and much more.

    Apart from this, what I loved most in this tool is its calendar feature. What will it do? With this feature, we can choose which emails we want to send on which days.

    Getting started,

    • Go to GetResponse.com
    • Eye toward the “Start free trial” at the top
    • Enter your Email and password and access it free for a month.
    You can upgrade it easily as plans start at $15 per month.

    6. Hello Bar:

    This is one of my top favorite tools. It’s really awesome to use in order to collect emails. It also provides huge results. Just try this tool, which helps you to convert more visitors into customers.

    To get started,

    • Head to Hellobar.com
    • Type your site’s URL
    • Decide which plan you want
    Get the Hello bar on your website within seconds.

    7. Optimizely:

    Why I include this tool in my list is it aids you to create an awesome customer journey.

    This tool is the gateway to polish up your user experience. With this tool, you can do many including creating targeted content; add product recommendations, and even much more.

    It lets you track everything from clicks to conversions. Just try this and transform your customer experience.

    To get started,

    • Go to Optimizely.com
    • Click the button “Try it free.”
    • Fill in the required fields, and you’ll get a 30-day free trial.
    It truly helps you to transform your customer experience.

    8. Screaming Frog:

    It’s the most effective tool that every website owners should use. It’s actually a site crawler. With this, you can do a whole bunch of SEO.

    It’s easy to use and here are the best features of this tool,

    • Finding broken links
    • Auditing redirect
    • Analyzing page title and meta data
    • Checking duplicate content
    • XML sitemaps
    Start using this tool by visiting the SEO Spider page and download the tool.

    The basic version is extremely free to use. This tool is very helpful for marketing agencies helping website owners for optimizing their websites.

    The most notable feature of this tool is that you can get a list of all the pages missing a page title immediately.

    9. SEMrush:

    It’s also one of the favorite tools out there. It’s basically a collection of 16 SEO and marketing tools. Most notable features include,

    • Position tracking
    • Auditing sites
    • Brand monitoring
    • Video advertising research
    • Organic traffic insights
    It allows us to use it for free. After free trial, you need to upgrade it. It’s worth trying.

    To get started,

    • Go to SEMrush.com
    • In the search bar, enter domain, keyword, or URL.
    • Press enter
    I really love this tool for its amazing features.

    10. Zapier:

    Last but not least, the last incredible tool that I include in my list is Zapier. It makes tasks easier between web apps. You can easily automate actions even if you’re not aware of coding.

    This incredible tool really saves your time in every week.

    • Visit Zapier.com
    • Fill the required information in the form
    Try using the free plan and get to know what it can do effectively. This tool helps to connect more than 750 web apps.

    With this tool, you can create different workflows. One example for this is you can automate your social media presence by sending new RSS items to Facebook as posts.


    I strongly believe that these tools are worth to have and it will save much time. These tools don’t require any coding knowledge, but it provides effective results. That’s why I love to use these; I’m not that much strong in technical.

    These tools will be really helpful for growing your business, and I’m damn sure, you’ll not lose your money by spending on these tools.

    What do you people think about these tools? Let’s share which tool made your job easier and what’s your favorite digital marketing tools.

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    Great info OP, the facebook advice is good for me as I'm a facebook moron, I know nothing about it. I would say that the hello bar can be done for free with WordPress though
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    Thanks for the info. BHW a great place to learn like always.
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    Thanks For Sharing This information
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    Thanks for the info, will def try some of these tools, best of success to you
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    Nice information. Thanks for sharing.
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