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10 rules of thumb to design a successful Mobile-Friendly Website

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by Rank 360, Oct 2, 2013.

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    Dec 24, 2012
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    The human wants and needs are unlimited it will be kept on changing according to the evolution of the world. In the present world we can see people without dress but not without mobile. The mobile became one of the parts of the human body, lets come to the point many digital marketing people are making use of the huge number of blogs and websites. Many were started to convert their process to mobile by creating mobile-friendly websites, this is because most of the smart phones were bought whole world under one single device.

    The smart phones differ from size, pixel range and many attributes will show the website in a proper view and also the loading time also decides the client satisfaction. The following are some of the tips to make the website mobile friendly.



    1.) Short and Snappy:
    The website should ease to use that is make sure the users can access the site quicker. The setting should be with less swipes, taps.

    2.) Make it simple:
    Demand the designers and developers to design the mobile website with less load time and stuff all the information in one page. Split the pages and make the user to navigate inside the website. Regarding the website design, have the same template but in a simpler way.

    3.) Create quick to respond web site:
    Create the website using the advanced tools such as, HTML5, CSS3 and various web fonts which give a great result in mobile access. Check for the website in various browsers how it works?

    4.) Define the perspective:
    Always create a website with the customer in mind and how they will use the website. Mostly the clients will look into the services that are provided, so the content and features that are added should be in a proper way.

    5.) Arrange the attributes:
    Structure the website in navigation form, which the user can be easily switched over to other frames easily.

    6.) Make it tiny:
    Create more user satisfaction, that is the user can easily fill up the sign up pages, then reduce the content information.

    7.) Client like interactive site:
    Place visualizes effects when the pages are navigated, this will produce a some different experience to the users.

    8.) Brand the service:
    The first and foremost thing before showcasing your service, don?t forget about branding the product and service with the logo and catchy style.

    9.) Be clear:
    Don?t mess up with the content and styles be simple and clear to make the service in a valid way.

    10.) Ensure mobile friendly:
    The last step is to test the website in all types of Smart phones and tablets which runs on various platforms and language.

    These tips helped me a lot to develop my business, if you are interested have a try over these tips....