$10 Guaranteed(NoobHat)

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    Things You'll Need:
    A computer
    Internet connection
    some practice and persistence

    In my quest for the ultimate noob money maker I have been trying different methods-- my last method was killed as it went viral I guess on this site alone and the owners killed it. My criteria for finding a program is (1) that its easy and (2) that it is free...

    The idea is simple-- I guess its not even consider blackhat-- so I will call it NoobHat
    The Breakdown:

    There isnt much to getting started besides clicking on the following link and signing up for the website. The site is called moola located at hxxp://www.moola.com

    The site gives you a penny to start with, which is paid by advertisments. You then gamble that one penny against another opponents on the website. Whoever wins takes the others penny. So if you win you will now have 2 pennies and you can choose either to risk 1 or 2 pennies the winner takes the others penny. If you keep winning you can win up to 10 million dollars. Although the highest to date is about 10 thousand.

    If you happen to lose all of your money don;t worry the site will automatically resupply you with one penny. Occaisonally while playing there will be a wheel that will pop up and this is called the booster wheel. It has amounts ranging from 1 cent to 5 dollars. Although you usually win between 1 and 40 cents.

    BHW Method To Quick Money
    Sign up for free offers and do a few surveys and you can make $10 to gamble within a few days.

    Minimum cash out is 10 dollars and you will receive your money through check. After your first check you can signup to receive your funds thru GayPal if you so choose.

    Do they Pay?
    I have received only $10 from this company, but it works. Oh I almost forgot. For every person you refer you receive a small percentage of their winnings. The only thing I wish is that I could have included my referral Id in this post.

    if not go straight to hxxp://www.moola.com directly thanks all... Maybe my rep will go up after this... or down....LOL

    *Note* this site may have been referenced in 2007, but rules of site have changed and I have received payment-- this is only reason I include it.. Happy Hunting NOOBS..

    Oh yeah almost forgot-- It took 4-5 weeks before I got my first check--
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    I have played this I think.. Got around 47cents within 15min.. Be nice if there was a program to do autopilot playing and offers..

    Nothing I will ever do again, but it's a method none-the-less :)