Beautiful Database of around 10,000 unmoderated, abandoned, neglected, cachectic, putrefact, pathetic subreddits waiting for your love and attention. They deserve better moderators than what they currently have, and you deserve to make money on Reddit without being immediately banned. It's a match made in heaven. With your money, i will buy a family-sized Pizza, and in return, i will let you navigate through an endless sea of potential gold mines. Just one Pizza. You don't have to feed me every month. Pay once, and the access is yours, for as long as the database exists. And every time I find more new cool subreddits, they will be shared with you. Additionally, you will also receive a guide with a few tips on how to better use this database and be successful in your quest for leeching off Reddit.

This list is mainly composed of two types of subreddits: Unmoderated and lightly moderated. The majority of them are simply unmoderated. This means they either have an inactive moderator or they don't have a real human moderator at all. The lightly moderated subreddits may have an active moderator, but they don't moderate the subreddit itself, making it a good place for promotion and crossposting.

You will also be able to ask me for a few subreddits that I won't share with anyone else. They will be just for you.

  • Request unmoderated subreddits and assume control over them by becoming the new owner. Once you're in charge, you can promote whatever you would like and potentially make a lot of money from it. Instead of building your own subreddit from scratch, you can simply steal an already existing one. Some of these subreddits have a massive amount of subscribers. You will be surprised by the gems you can find in this database. Sometimes I don't even believe in what I'm seeing;
  • Promote your links in these subreddits and use them to earn money. The fact that these subreddits are abandoned means you're not nearly as likely to be banned from them than from a heavily moderated subreddit. So you will get away with promoting your businesses much easier;
  • Use this database to grow your own subreddit. Since there's no one watching, you will be able to promote your subreddit in a lot of these unmoderated subs.


Payment Methods: Crypto/Wise
TAT: Within 24 hours
Refund Policy: You will only be refunded if you don't get access to the list within 24 hours

Contacts: You can DM me here or send me an email - [email protected]



How will I access the database?

I will provide you with a website where you will be able to filter and sort through the list.

Is this really a one-time payment only?

Yes. You will pay just once. No monthly subscription is required.

For how long will i have access to the database?
For as long as it is maintained. No set amount of time. Minimum will be 1 month, but a more realistic prediction is months/years. That's the goal. It will depend on how much interest people show in it. You can request the database file within 2 weeks if the site is no longer available.

Can I really make money with these subreddits?

Yes. If you have the right mindset and the right product, you can absolutely monetize a lot of these subreddits.

Will this list be updated?

Yes, more subreddits will be added to it in the future.

Are the subscribers of these subreddits active?

Some subreddits have very active subscribers, others, not so much. But both have value. Even if a subreddit is kind of dead you can still request it and revive it, if the name is good enough or if it has a good amount of subscribers.
Do these subreddits remain unmoderated forever?
Some moderators who are inactive right now may become active in the future. Within the list, you may find some subreddits that are no longer unmoderated, since the list isn't updated daily. However, every time you access the list you will always be able to find thousands and thousands of truly unmoderated subreddits.
Can I have a review copy?

No review copies available for now.

Discount please
Is this list being sent to everyone?

It's being sent to the people who pay for it, and it's updated regularly. There aren't many people looking at the list on the regular basis, so you will still have plenty of subs untouched. They are too many. You can also request a batch of subs once in a while if you buy the list, which will be sent just for you.
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