10,000 Real& Guaranteed PTC visitors for just $9.99 (adsense safe,improves alexa rank)

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just bought 10.000 WW Visitors ($4.99)
I mentioned the URL in paypal! Do you need further information?
Many thanks in advance!!

Payment details Amount: $4.99 USD Transaction Date: Jul 31, 2010 Transaction ID: 3ER59299XC1038721 Subject: New Purchase: BHW Member Kickflip URL is in the payment note, thank you.
I have some very basi questions:
  1. I need the traffic for websites with GA installed. So: what's the best way for the traffic being count? a URL shortener/redirection? In that scenario, what would be the referring site on the stats?
  2. If I purchase 100.000 visits, Can I split them into more than one site?

Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #9FV36596DL018415A)

PM sent with all of the information you need. If I could get the traffic over the course of 2-3 days that would be great.
Hi ekta,

I just purchased the 100,000 WW VISITORS: $39.99 package via PayPal.

PayPal Transaction ID #0G177048X5478574E)

Please start campaign immediately. And please set daily amount to 500.

Please confirm status.

Thank you!

Have A Blessed One.

Sorry for the late response...

This guys service is one of the best on BHW keep up the good work and the quality of your service and you will go for...

I will be needing your service a lot more in the future...

Itrader +Rep will be left

And Have A Blessed One...
I bought 1000 Us visitors.

Transaction ID: 2AM051773L937932D

Can I limit the amount of visitors to 100 a day?
I have sent payment. Awaiting confirmation.

you did not answer my question!

I want to know what the traffic sources will be shown in Google analysis, referring or directing?

IF referring, which sites are they??

Are they expire domain or they come from PTC sites, surf sites or anything violate Google TOS?

I am very interested in purchases around 50,000 Views for a single URL. I just wanted to know a couple of things.

1) Can you spread the visits out over a certain period of time? Like, 5,000 per day sort of this?

2) You mention your traffic is AdSense safe. Could you please clarify how it is exactly? Do you hide the referrer in the URL or something, because, we all know AdSense doesn't approve of PTC Traffic.

Thanks! Eagerly awaiting your reply!

P.S. It would be great if someone who has purchased the traffic for an Adsense website can clarify you didn't experience any problems!
Ordered 10k WW
Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #8W468640CU6062327)
would like 150-250 daily

Sent paypay payment for:
2) 100,000 Guaranteed visitors:

Transaction Date: Aug 1, 2010
Transaction ID: 6CF990667W325240W

Please acknowledge.
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