10,000 Real& Guaranteed PTC visitors for just $9.99 (adsense safe,improves alexa rank)

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Anyone have any bad luck with adsense with this traffic? I didnt really realize it would be a problem until I just started reading this thread.. I sent the traffic direct to my site:/ gahh that would suck because I got a check for over 700 due to me this month

I have used this service several times on sites that have adsense and have nothing but awesome things to say. I bad an almost 1,000,000 spot jump on my Alexa rankings to BOTH sites i sent the traffic to and ran almost 500 hits a day to each one for a month and never had any issue.

I mean I guess it can depend on the site age, current traffic, etc... but in general both of my sites were a year old and usually had only about 300 visitors a day each, I used the service bumped that up to about 800 uniques a day for each and couldn't be happier!
So no problems with your adsense? you didnt blank the referrer did ya? I would hate to lose my acct.
So no problems with your adsense? you didnt blank the referrer did ya? I would hate to lose my acct.

I did nothing different. I just sent Ekta my URLs and let it roll. Everything went perfectly fine.

Like I said i had 12 months of aging on my site. My adsense account is 4 years old, and I am sure a lot of factors can play into it.

I am speaking form my personal experience... I had zero problems and I was super happy with the service.
Hmm I took my adsense ads off just in case... but i would like to keep them on but im a little sketchy on losing my acct since that is a big source of my income... My site is about 8 months old and my adsense is just over a year old.. so idk if I want to put them back on or not.. kinda scared lol..
We're sorry. We're not able to complete personal payments to account holders in India at this time.
5000 US VISITORS: $13.99

Amount: $4.99 USD
Transaction Date: Apr 19, 2010
Transaction ID: 9JA24026381305030

Subject: 10,000 WW VISITORS: $4.99
Here are the prices once again:


1000 US VISITORS: $2.99
5000 US VISITORS: $13.99
10,000 US VISITORS: $27.99
50,000 US VISITORS: $136.99
100,000 US VISITORS: $269.99


1000 UK VISITORS: $2.99
5000 UK VISITORS: $13.99
10,000 UK VISITORS: $27.99
50,000 UK VISITORS: $136.99
100,000 UK VISITORS: $269.99

10,000 WW VISITORS: $4.99
50,000 WW VISITORS: $20.99
100,000 WW VISITORS: $39.99
500,000 WW VISITORS: $179.99
1,000,000 WW VISITORS: $319.99

Paypal id: ekta74(at)yahoo.com
Alertpay id: ekta74(at)yahoo.com
Moneybookers id: ekta74(at)yahoo.com

Liberty reserve: U8756294
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