10,000 Junk Traffic Hits


Junior Member
Aug 13, 2008
I remember a post a few week ago with a mp3 music link building script. For the love of Gebus,:eek: I can't find that darn thread. Would someone point me in the right location? The file attached was something called automp3.
The topic has been moved to a private section I think and "normal members" can't see it anymore.

I started off with the directory script and was getting about 1800 uniques a day. After about a week, those hits went to about 10 a day.

I did a search and and everybody and there brother jumped onto that bandwagon. Everyone grabbed the method and beat the living hell out of it. I searched Google and found several member sites with 100s and 100s of of sub directories.

The funny thing, most users where too damn lazy to change the server address at the bottom of their directories. The cat might be already out of the bag on this one.
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