1 Year of Inter Marketing so far

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    Quick note:
    Forvite the title, it's supposed to say
    "1 Yea of Internet Marketing so far"

    About me:
    My name is Tetris, i'm 19 years old and currently making a living online.

    How it Started:
    I actually started out quiet small, like anyone. I became interested in internet and money making around the age 14. I began building webs.com website templates, and implementing a Google ad into each one. When people began using my templates, I started to make easy money.(And Still Do.)

    I than branched out into mybb forums. I began building mybb themes/templates, rather than inserting an ad into each one. I simply had a back link in the footer of the themes. Everything worked out. I slowly started doing blogger templates, and right now i'm building tumblr templates. I've made at least 4 grand building templates online.

    Later on I joind a forum called hackforums which is another hacking forum. I stayed on the forum for a bit and eventually left realizing how nooby the community was. I than joined blackhat world and thebotnet forums.

    I learned a lot from these two forums, and still do.

    Thebotnet forums tought me how to effectively run into the adult business.(Google: How to make money with tumblr adult blog) you'll see the post i'm talking about. I started my own tumblr adult blog. I began by uploading 100 photos every single day, I later realized the potential earnings. I joined plugrush.com(Adult advertising company) and began monetize the website. I was making good money, an easy 10$ a day.

    That's when a whole world of opportunists opened for me. I realized the adult business is a huge profit. So I started up my own adult tube website. Now this is where the money starts really coming in.

    I started the adult tube site based and hosted on blogger.com.

    I got a nice theme and everything's fine, but I needed a domain name. I went around a few of my favorite forums and asked my buddies to help me choose a domain. I eventually bought a nice domain I really liked(Not really caring about the pr. I bought it for the name.) Now my website is currently ranked 2,000,00 on alexa, not the best, but not bad either IMO.

    Anyways i'm still far from where I want to be, but i'm getting there.

    Right now i'm making about 100$ per day on only two websites, and a bunch of old themes/templates I designed.

    the websites:

    I hope you guys liked my story, and I hope many of you have similar or better ones to tell.
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