1 Tool, 2 Tools, 3 Tools What Is Enough?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by SEORasta, Aug 23, 2012.

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    Starting to gain lots of ground and new clients. Looking to expand my options so I dont deliver the same links from the same IP etc. Now that UD now has a link tree I am asking myself. Is 1 tool enough or should I have an arsenal of tools.

    Right now I have SENuke X (which will be SE Nuke X CR soon), AMR, SEO Link Robot and a few smaller tools. Is it wise or even a need to have Ultimate Demon as well? My thoughts were to do this.

    Week 1 Hit my clients sites with SENUke campaigns.

    Week 2 Hit my clients with SEo Link Robot campaigns

    Week 3 Hit my clients with UD campaigns

    Week 4 backlink my tier 1 links and start over

    Of course the campaigns would be spread out but my real question is for those who have clients or many sites is 1 tool enough or go for as many diverse tools as you can?