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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by towelie7, Dec 25, 2010.

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    Good evening,

    I think this is my first post on this forum even though I've lurked a bit.

    Regardless, here's the situation....

    I do SEO work for clients monthly and they more often than not, get where they want to be (and make way more money than me but that's besides the point).

    Recently, in 2 separate clients niche's, I've noticed Thesis based blogs with 1 page of content ending up on the front page of Google for their target terms (about 10k - 30k visitors a month terms).

    I figured, meh, maybe it's not as competitive as I thought.

    I checked the rankings of one of my personal sites today and again.... Yet another 1 page thesis blog with 50 junk links (the only ones i can see) pointing to it ranking #6 for a massive root keyword. Sure #6 isn't #1, however, the blog only goes back to October 7th 2010. The domain is a lot older than that but it looks like someone purchased the domain and started from scratch.

    So what gives? I've noticed people on here aren't willing to give out their secrets, I'd just like to know wtf is going on with some of these sites.

    The rankings aren't bouncing around either. The sites competing with client sites have been there for months.

    Anyway, it's after midnight here in the UK so Merry Christmas to all!!