$1 NETWORK- Get Permanent Links from High-Quality Blogs without Lifting a Finger Just @$1/Post


Jun 10, 2021
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I want to take. will you please share samples links before my first order
Jun 21, 2021
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Hi is it possible to buy 100 links for 5 different domains? Splitting the links between the 5 domains that is


Jul 25, 2013
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Awesome work done by seller. Purchased links second time.

Good going. Soon will ourcpurc more

Ordered the gold package.

Had some issues with my paypal account, @StrixMedia was very accomodating and we worked out an alternative payment method.

Good communication so far and I am hopeful the service would be equally satisfying. Will post back with my review. So far so good

Thanks for the great work! I recommend!

I really appreciated my report, all informations like links and metrics are displayed, blogs are well made.

I'm waiting for results now but i will re order for sure !!

just received review order:

all metrics check out nicely, anchor texts were spot on, and there was 1 image in each post. solid da/pa and content was pretty decent.

this fit my needs, will purchase again

Placed an order with Strix. Gonna place another order!

He can deliver what he said and deliver fast result. Good job

OK, these links are doing great. Know what you are doing b4 you order these and they can really help out your overall link profile. And the Customer Service is legit as well. I will keep coming back for more :)

Bought 100 links. Everything was nice, quick delivery, good pbn sites. Recommend!

Just ordered again. Great service if you know what you are doing :)

review time:

disclaimer: @StrixMedia offered me 3 blog posts in exchange for my honest review.

OP never fails to amuse me. He delivered the work as per my instruction. content are readable with added related images as well. it was submitted on a related niche as well. 2 out of 3 posts are already indexed upon delivery which is also a plus.

overall i was satisfied with
@StrixMedia - kudos to him and his team for a job well done!


Awesome Links, Ordered again.

Got my report.

I am surprised the blogs are well built. They look good for the price. I was expecting the "regular" type PBN you see around here.

No impact on ranking yet. Too early for that. I will update in a few weeks

Just got my report today. All the links were TF 20+ & DA 20+. The articles actually read OK. Just waiting for them to index to see how much of a shift I get in the serps. Overall a pretty good service for cheap links. Will defintely order again.

Cheap and best always, ordered again.

Good service good links. It takes a few days for them to be indexed, 6 days after my order was finished 40 out of 50 are indexed (which is pretty good), it'll probably take a few days for the remaining 10 to be indexed. But more importantly, I see a nice improvement.

I will definitely be placing another order within the next few days.

I'm using this service around 5 months Good service so far, Highly recommended. New orders on the way.


All domain metrics are 20+, and themes looks nice. for this price and quality its really great. OP communication was very friendly, Overall, AWESOME.

received report everything good. Worth for the money Thanks strix

This is for the review copy i received.

i received 2 links.

Link 1 : DA 20 TF 12 CF 8

Link 2 : DA 17 TF 25 CF 11

Link 1 were not indexed yet but Link 2 is indexed. Articles are spun but readable.

Overall i would highly recommend it for the value and budget. Will be buying the package soon. Good job!

Every link has a different approach to each site. My bad for ordering this and place it on my money site. Thank god op replace me with the keyword premium guest post. but ill order this again for the supporting pages linking to my money site. Hope this will work. I'll Order another 100 Links :) I'll take my review soon.

Just received my order, turnaround time was fast, articles very readable and the DA and PA were all as promised, definitely a good service.

review: ordered 100 posts + 40 posts niche relevant from his other service.

TAT - 8 days

good TF.

links up for 5 days and 50% already indexed in Majestic

also got a good bump on serps


most of the links already indexed. huge bump as well in serps. made another 2 orders from both services. thanks!


I received the report for my order of 50 Permanent Posts Package. I checked my links & articles and everything looks natural.

All sites looks good and it is very easy to notice the nice work of maintenance of the entire network. I can say that all sites looks exactly as they were described in the ad on the sales page.

I also received my report quickly.

I'll come back here with an update once I see some results in Google rankings for my website which also has a fairly low competition.

Thank you,

Money Alert

Here is an update on my experience with this service:

from below 100 and N/A to 19, the screenshot for those 2 keywords isn't clear but as of today both are at 19

and from below 40 to number 6

View attachment 101952 View attachment 101953

What you need to know, most of my targeted posts have had a very good rank increase (those above are just a couple of examples) except one, the reason for that is either google is very slow with updating a rank or the one that didn't get a boost has higher keyword density than the other, I actually did that on purpose just to see how things would turn out. I'll wait a week or so if nothing happens I just lower the keyword density of that post. But at this point, I'm pretty sure that ranking is a combination of on-page SEO and links. If your on-page SEO isn't good enough, most probably you'll have a hard time ranking your website.

All in all, I'm very happy with the service and links, money well spent! All the best!

Here is a screenshot of my second order placed on March 13th, it was finished on 22nd,

View attachment 101959

you can clearly see that for some reason I was losing raking left and right. Got it back to the 2nd page of SERP. Did not use any other link building service for that post. If your ranking is dropping, you might look into your on-page SEO, it's a delicate balance. The links do get indexed fairly fast, a week or so but they do. Also personally I would not blast a post with 100 links be it exact or related to the same keyword, not sure if this is the case, just giving you some ideas to think about.

I'm using this service around 5 months Good service so far, Highly recommended. New orders on the way.


All domain metrics are 20+, and themes looks nice. for this price and quality its really great. OP communication was very friendly, Overall, AWESOME.

I have used many services, but this is the best service and price lower than the fiverr and I did not expect this quality. he is providing high metrics sites and good readable content articles. and he used unique images on the links. Overall I'm impressed with the service. I will recommend this service to my friends and bhw members. thanks strixmedia

Just placed an oder, let's see how does it go!Quick responses and friendly seller so far:)

Received my review copy today!

Even though I gave them quite a hard keyword they ended getting a high-end ranking.

The content was spun and to the point I liked it. Was done in 2 days.

Fast communication - Fast Service - High Quality - Would recommend to anyone.


Just received my report. The blog posts all look very nice, the blogs themself looks great as well. For this money a real bargain! I´m totally satisfied, thanks a lot, Strix Media!

Order placed.

So far I am impressed with the communication, very helpful and willing to accommodate different requests.

Thanks Strix Media

Awesome customer support!, Keep providing me quality links and I would give you a lot more orders in upcoming days. Keep up the good work always Happy so far! Thanks.

New order as we've discussed on Skype, always happy with the service :)

1 week after report and see about 5 positions improvement per keyword , hope see more improvements , friendly support and great sites. valuable for this price :)

This is for a review copy given to me

I received 2 links on this network and had the following SEO metrics,

TF33, DA24, PA34, RD38 / TF29, DA27, PA38, RD33 (source: majestic/moz)

Content for your post is going to be your typical spun SEO content.

Overall, a pretty good PBN network for someone looking to diversify their link portfolio.

Here is Partial Review =

Today I got report for order.

-PBN's are scheduled for 4-5 days, which is very good.

-PBN matrics are good, As I checked few random pbn matrics and they match the mentioned excel sheet.

-Content is good enough as Link purpose.

Now, As PBN's are used for Keyword on 33 Position keyword, So Soon in a week or 10-days whenever I see real results or some movement in ranking, I will write proper detailed Review.

10/10 service as well price is good.

I got a review copy of 2 links. The links had the following metrics;

link 1: TF26 CF30 DA26 PA38

link 2: TF32 CF24 DA21 PA34

The content for the posts were spun but still very readable.

The service recommended as it is quality for a reasonable price.

I got a review copy of 3 links in exchange for a review.

So here are the metrics


31 31 20 32

33 24 21 34

27 30 24 36

Everything is 20+ that's a good deal.The design looks good but it can be better but at this price, you can't get anything much better while the content length is fine and an image is included in all the posts that a plus point too.Images aren't low quality they are great pictures.

Whats Good


Images I love them


So as an honest review what can be improved?

Site design

OBL is a little higher here at least where I got the links.

I received report for the review copy given to me by @StrixMedia

I got 3 links on this network, metrics as follows -




I checked the metrics and they are accurate.

Content is spun as mentioned in the OP, but I checked it out with copyscape and its 100% unique.

Sites are nice and clean, load fast and no obvious footprints to be seen.

Overall very nice service and a really cost-effective way of getting some high metric, contextual links.

Good service. New order sent.

I was lucky to get a free review copy of this service.

The links I have got were of high TF 32+ , DA 28+ , CF 28+ . With high quality well written and engaging content.

My website was of computer niche and only three links of this service helped to boost rank by 50+ points.

My keyword is on the second page from 7th.

Will place a bulk order for sure.

Just got my order. I am really pleased with it. Randomly selected domain I checked had these metrics in the report and I could verify them:


18 27 23 35

Domain has also RD 74 from 63 different IP's.

Looks like a good blog for a PBN to me.

Content is spun, but still semi-readable, as stated in the thread. I don't know if OP uses a very good spinner or he does some manual adjustments afterwords. The article was a 500 word article on a general blog, containing al sorts of categories. OBL of homepage looks pretty low, but I don't know how long the post will stay on the homepage.

I expect to see some results from this service in few weeks time, since I use it an a low competition keyword. Will report back with the results later, but for now I feel very much all right for ordering here. At this price, don't expect Huffington Post links, but backlinks suitable for websites that can take them. Service provided the goods to me as stated in the BST.

For this price, this seems an excellent service to me.


Got my Review Order within 7 hours. Really Surprised with the TAT:

DA - 26

PA - 38

TF - 23

CF - 25

Blog goods look and Content is spun, but readable. Low OBL in homepage. Recommended service and cheap Price.

Thanks @StrixMedia

I received a review copy of this service - 3 links.

I just checked the report and this is my thoughts -

Metrics - I checked the metrics of all 3 sites rather than just spot checking one. Very happy with the outcome because all 3 of the sites either met or exceeded the metrics stated in the report.

Site design - Site design is very good - clean designs, unique to each of the 3 sites, no visible footprints. No issues at all with the design.

Content - The content is OK - as per the sales thread its spun, but its readable.

Summary - Seems like a decent PBN service, first one I reviewed for a while where I didn't need to make any comments to the seller (In other words, no issues at all with what was delivered). This is even more impressive now that I look a the low price per link for this service.

I got my review order of 3 links.

My review below:

First up, the communication was good and the TAT was reasonable 3-4 days.

The content was not all that good. It's clearly spun content but readable.

The metrics scores/domain authority are good. Average DA of the site is 15+. At the moment, my post is on the homepage, which is cool!

All the links are coming from different c-class ip's! Good job!

Overall, for the price pont, it's a reasonably good service.

Received my review copy today.

Domain Stats - All three domains had pretty cool stats! Average DA 20+, TF 20+, CF 30+. All the domains had different themes and looked pretty normal.

Content - Content wad spun but quite readable. Medium quality. Nothing fancy.

TAT was 3-4 days as everyone said and I am happy with the links.

Good Service!


Received my review copy today!

Even though I gave them quite a hard keyword they ended getting a high end ranking.

The content was spun and to the point I liked it. Was done in 2 days.

Fast communication - Fast Service - High Quality - Would recommend to anyone.


I received a review copy of three link Package from this service.

These are my review:

The sites look clean and well designed.

Article was readable and well spun.

I checked all the three site and was impressed with the service.

The metrics scores/domain authority are good. Average DA of the site is 21+.

TAT was 3-4 days and the communication was perfect.

All the links are coming from different c-class ip's! Good job!

And I think the price are OK for the service.

Total review

I highly recommend this service

Disclaimer: I have been lucky enough to receive a review copy of this service.

To make it short, what I gave OP isn't even distantly easy to rank. The domain I gave him is almost zero! It has nothing positive whatsoever. I am glad about the articles he provided me. Each of the articles were well researched and to the point. The metrics that he promised were totally accurate. The articles have just been indexed and I will be updating this review with the ranking stats later on ( it's almost impossible to rank these within 24 hrs...). This is what I call value for money!!!

My verdict:

Article quality:9/10


domain metrics:10/10

Will order more soon :)

Quick Review

I received my link report for review yesterday. These blogs have great metrics despite the fact that he's charging very little for it.

Got 3 links DA 24, 25 and 26.

I'll be placing more orders as from August.


Overall Opinion (9/10): I recommend the service as the price point for the quality seems pretty solid. At $1 a link you will receive a fairly decent link at a price range you can't beat. The links will provide some diversified url backlinks from relatively safe blogs with a little bit of power on them. I'll look to buy again.


Received a free review copy, which was delivered in time with a sample report. The op sent out 3 links to the url using kw's i provided. I examined all 3 sites pretty thoroughly and can explain what kind of link you will be receiving.

The Domains:

All 3 sites had relatively new content (under 1yr. old) although the domains were much much older, as they were expired domains that were swooped up for domain age and the relevant links that were given to them years before. I wayback machined the content and saw stuff from early 2000's. All 3 registrars varied which was nice. 2 of the 3 used the same privacy company while one was naked. The IP's were all unique and were located between 2 different hosting companies. The two using the same hosting company had unique C class sections of the IP, although the A/B were the same. The third was a completely unique IP based in a completely different country.

The Sites Content:

The sites were more or less general audience blog content sites with a wide variety of subjects (tech,health,auto,games,etc.) with simple layouts and repeat style of posting. Each post contained a fair amount of text that held a single link and most posts held a single image. The content was spun (probably from something scraped that was similar) although the spin was quite good. It was almost somewhat passable to the naked eye. The information contained is related and makes grammatical sense although the user is left confused on exactly what was the point of the article. One feels like perhaps this person is a genius beyond their level, a person who speaks English as a second language, or oh yeah some nice spun content. I don't think the google bot will be able to figure it out anytime in the near future ;)

The good:

The OP grabbed decent domains that have been around for a long long time and the links that came along with them. They took the time to put up unique content that will pass and added in an image making this feel like a decent little blog. They also took the time to use 3 different registrars to register the domains and at least 2 different Hosting companies, and within the same hosting company made the effort to make the IPs as unique as possible. If this kind of variety holds true for 50-100 links this will be an great value (I highly doubt it will remain as varied, but expect to see some decent variation based on what they showed me). Finally the price. Price to Value is really great, I can't complain about 50 links of this level at $59.

The Desired:

Would have been nice to see some more random variation in the blogs. Some shorter/longer posts, some with multi images, some without, some posts with multi/no links, etc. Could have had a bit more theme variety than the standard, but hey I'm a perfectionist and love when I see things implemented that would fool a person from seeing a pattern no less a bot. I mean i could cry about unique content as well, but i mean come on for $1 your out of your mind. I'd also have loved to see 3 different hosting companies on the 3 links, just to let me know that the variety maybe even more varied, although again I'm probably asking for more than what they are charging.

The Bad:

Nothing. There is nothing bad about this, from a 3 link test its a value. How I'll think after 50 . . . we'll see.

Received my review copy today!

I received my link report for review yesterday. These blogs have great metrics despite the fact that he's charging very little for it. i give him easy keyword 17 KD and wait know for rank improvement will see result. i will update my review status

Fast communication - Fast Service - High Quality - Would recommend to anyone.


I am really impressed about the quality of posts and that on a very cheap price. Most recommended for everyone.

I Recieved my Posts they were all on a very nice sites and they all look legit not like those crappy spam posts, Will Recommend this to others too!

I got my report a few hours ago, communication with OP want on smooth as he is very active on skype.

I provided a bunch of information for the voice, keyword usage, density and link placement that he followed very well. The blogs where i got links from are great, i've cheched a few in archive and I saw clean images so no PBN before he got them, all of them have metrics and a bunch of backlinks.

I will buy more in 2 weeks once one money site ages.


Received my order 50 links

# Good DA+

# the report included the real links not screenshot which appreciated

# No complaints

Great Service!! it helped my new domain appear in the Serps!

All the linking sites were properly designed and doesnt really looked like a normal blog network.

will order again!

I've made order from Strix.

Communication 10/10

Deliver of the order 10/10

After review of the links, his service is more than average.I highly recommend it and will buy more.

When they crawled and see some ranks I will post results.

I aim on hard competition keywords.

I have made many custom orders and StrixMedia has always made sure to provide me links on high metrics domains. Trust me friends one cannot get such clean links at just 1$ per link. These are the same types of links which other service providers are charging around 2-3$ per link.

Quick TAT and Communication over skype is fantastic.

Thanks and will be buying your services again.

I ordered a custom amount of posts from OP to see how well it would go well with a link building campaign from different sellers.

I got the report, and everything looked in a neat clean report. Metrics stacked up with each site, and in just a few days all were indexed. The content for each post was surprisingly good compared to other PBN post sellers in the Market Place. And along with that a relevant image was added to each post. It all made sense and went well with my KW and overall topic. And with that the quality of the blogs were pretty decent good for the price and what you're getting. Overall a great way to juice up a link campaign and see good improvements. I personally saw great improvements within the first few weeks of this campaign finishing.

Got all the pending orders delivered today. Metrics are amazing. Avg PA/DA 20 and Avg TF/CF 20. He is always available on skype and answers all my newbie questions lol. Thanks Mate looking forward to long term business with you.

Good Service, the websites are well maintained and with good metrics, I will wait for the results and then comment.

here's goes review:

- checked randomly articles all nice looking articles some have images easy to read few scan it for unique and Copyscape shows 100% unique

after all highly recommended great services

Review Time

I was lucky enough to get Review links from this PBN

Here are the stats

DA = 18

DA= 19

DA= 8

DA= 20

Content is obviously spun,

Blog have all different theme

1 post has been indexed already

You can use this service for direct money sites to diversify anchor's , dilute keyword strength, etc etc

The price is hard to beat

Got 3 links as a part of a review copy and I am really satisfied with the work.

All high quality links.

Would recommend to all. Thanks Strix

Review copy review:

The blogs that contained my links contained great backlinks and were designed nicely. The articles that were used were decent quality, although not the best. However, these are one of the better links I've used, so I recommend that you get them, as the price you pay for them is definitely worth what you get.

Late Review: Got my report and OP provided really quality links. I'm just waiting for my keyword improvements. Service is A++. I will surely order again.


Okay so I got the report email today morning. And I was very satisfied!

Avg. TF was about 23, and avg. CF was about 28.

Min ref domains = 80 while total backlnks are less than 200. This is so nice!

All default widgets and themes got removed.

Each website had its own Privacy Policy, About and Contact Us page. Nice!

All in all, I would rate this service 5/5. With the price, this is so impressive. You will like it!



I've ordered the basic plan for my new Micro Niche Site and keywords were having medium difficulty, only On page part was done from my side and 0 backlinks were there.

Package Review:

1. Op came with the outstanding article and all of them were passed successfully in copyspace.

Yes, they were spun but it was spun manually (sentence frames, wordings were schedule neatly and cleanly).

2. Image were relevant to content and it make a good part.

3. The blogs were aged ones, (Checked via Who.is and archive.org)

4. I told OP to do drip freed and he did for 10 days and results were excellent :)

5. Average DA for my sites were 25, PA for few sites were 10+ rest were less than 5.

6. CF & TF were average 17 for the delivered sites :)


OP was in touch throughout this deal and he was asking for any specific requirement from my side. I appreciate when some seller is in contact with buyer and understand the value of business.

Keyword Position:

Keyword 1: Medium Competition from N/A to Page 3

Keyword 2: Medium Competition from N/A to page 2

Keyword 3: Medium Competition from N/A to Page 5

But, I'm sure they'll rise with the quality OP is providing.


According to the results and quality, I'll give 9/10.

1 mark less, just because I don't know something would be better in future.

I ordered 100 posts. all the blogs metrics are good as promised and my most of the links indexed in one week after he gave me the report.

i really appericiate this seller what profit he will got from $1 its just an amazing because good content and blogs age 2+ years.

Quality content+ Good blogs + fast indexing + good results=$1 really i can't believe. Good Skype support and he responded me as friendly.

I found a good service and i am going to refer my friends too. I personally recommend this service to all bhw members that who are all looking for quality posts.

here's goes review:

1) got my report after few days consider for 100 posts this is quick TAT

2) all unique class-C ip's

3) checked randomly 10 articles all nice looking articles some have images easy to read few scan it for unique and copyscape shows 100% unique

4) all sites have PR3-4 major amount have PR3

5) customer support was always online idk when he sleep lol and super friendly after all highly recommended great services

unique transaction id #*********7T44

Review Time:

Firstly, I would like to say sorry for late reviews.

Speed: Speed was really good and he had delivered the report in time.

Communication : Communication was excellent. He was online always on skype and even suggested me on the further maintenance of the website.

Quality : Quality was excellent, all the links were coming from different c-class ip's and I have checked all the links well maintained. My links were placed neatly and naturally.

one more thing was DA of the domain was 15+ and all of them came from pr3 to pr4 on an average.

Over Result : My keywords were nowhere and they moved to second page after using this service. I will definitely be visiting again and purchasing lots of posts from this seller in coming days.

I ordered 15 posts from Ideserved around 2 weeks ago. And now got the report that looks professional and as described in the thread. I'll update the detailed review in coming week. So far so good.


Ordered 50 posts for some of my sites and got 10 free pr2 posts.

Communication with seller was great, he was always available, TAT is as promised and links are decent quality with spun content around 70-80% unique and was readable.

Best regards


I have received the detailed report file from Strix after couples of days. All links are from decent websites with good backlink profiles, DA/PA up to 33/44, CF/TF up to 30/20. Content are quite well-spun. That's everything I can see till now. Gonna check the keyword movements and update this review in the feature.

price is so good and domains are great quality. placed order for 100 posts. Transactionn ID XXXXXX4HRC. please confirm my order:)



Just received the report from OP. I know this is not a time to leave a review about .SERP. Domains with good metrics and domains are customized with good manner which have good PR/PA/DA Hope to see good SERP improvements in coming days . I will ,leave my honest review soon after seeing the SERP.

Highly Recommended.


Recently received my report from strixmedia.

I am Very happy with the quality of work and all I have already seen a substantial improvement in ranking so good work.

I will be back with more orders. Thanks!

Recently received report from OP,

for the price quality is really good & all the links got indexed.

Everything was good as he promised, Going to place another order right now.




Thanks for the service. I am really pleasure to do business with you.

here is my review i ordered 100 post month ago.after i received report from op, metrices are really good and natural looking blogs.

good readable content and i moved up from #49 to #36, #76 to #23 and #63 to #16 in three weeks and looking for more improvements oncoming weeks and thanks for the support.:)

Sorry for late review I ordered 100 post and TAT was excellent i got all links from DA 20 to 30 PA 27 to 39.

for $1 its really awesome and most of the links are indexed.

my money site got good results
after got a link from this service and excellent customer service.

Recommended to all.

Bought 100 links. Everything was nice, quick delivery, good pbn sites. Recommend!

I was offered a review copy and here are my impression.

Order was placed on thursday last week and report was sent today (monday) through email. in an xlsx file. the report contains the usual info with TF/CF/DA/PA for the site and the link where link/article was posted.

As for the link I sent, they are present with the chosen keyword as anchor text. The site is wordpress with simple template, not niche based with lots of articles of all kinds being posted. the link is placed at random (could be better if it was contextual) and the article seems spun so I had problem understanding it. I was offered a review copy so probably it wasn't a priority.

As for the price, it's acceptable and might give you a good push depending on the difficulty of it. I would recommend to test these with 2nd tier links first to test its juice.

I received my review copy today:

got two links.


tf: 27, 32

cf: 19,24

da: 20, 23

pa 28, 20

the content was decent and just what you expect for this range.

overall quick turnaround, and these are nice tier 1 links for your guest posts.

The review copy I received.

The two links stats :


The overall content is readable, the links are placed naturally and indexed.

The seller is fast and the final report is professional.

Don't expect to go to the moon with these links, but it can help your ranking.

I recommend to test it for Tier 2 links first.

I received my report today and it is very well managed in an excel sheet. I got two links for which I checked the quality of it and looks decent to me. The content is not that bad for the price. Both of the sites look clean and simple. Below are the stats of the PBN which I received:


Overall I would say it's a great deal. You are getting a lot more than money in this service. I would recommend to give it a try once and decide on the results.


I received 2 links, as a review copy.

My review:

- Both links were placed on PBNs, with low DA, but with few great backlinks. PBN's were made with clean, probably free WP themes.

- Articles were readable and well structured, in paragraphs/sections, but seemingly autogenerated. Imaged on articles matched my niche. Good link placement, in the context of an article.

- One of 2 links is already indexed (As per Google - 2 Days ago...)

Overall good service, would consider ordering full package. Thanks.


I received a review copy consisting of 2 PBN posts from @StrixMedia . The content is spun, but actually reads pretty well. I would not suspect it was generated, rather written by a non-native English speaker. The posts also include relvant image and the anchor text is naturally placed within the text.

As for the domains, they rank for organic keywords in Google and also receive some organic traffic as well (as seen in Ubersuggest). On domain had TF 42, the second one had TF 40. They have diverse link profile including links from blogposts and discussion boards. For the price, this is a recommended service.


Got 2 pbns link as review copy!

Da 24 Pa 26

Da 25 Pa 32

Great metrics. Domains looks clean! Content is spun but what you can expect its just $1 per link! This price is nonsense what are you getting! I even put this to money site without any fear anything will happened! Even i put this to money site i think this kind of links are perfect for parasites and tier 2 for boo

Design of sites are good!

Communication with seller was good! He put my desired anchors!

Keep up the great work!

Thank once again @StrixMedia

Got the review copy which is really impressed work. Both site looking very professional and 2 year old websites which covers all the category. DA of 22 and 20 , for this price its easy go. The content and context of the link has been good place. Recommended service, you will feel good.

Thanks for the review copy!

Got 2 Permanent Links from Blogs (DA 20 & DA 21)

The domain with DA 20 is indexed in Google, however the domain with DA 21 is not.

The content for the backlinks is okay; both articles are not indexed in Google when I do the check. Hopefully it will be index soon.

I've received 2 PBN links as a review copy.

Website Design

The PBNs were made using WordPress and have multiple categories. They are General niche sites designed as personal blogs. The sites are over an year old and active.
Keyword & Target URL were placed exactly as ordered. A relevant category was used for the articles.

PBN Metrics



Order was completed within 6 days.


The articles have 400-500 words unique and readable content. They have plagiarism scores of 100% and 81% uniqueness. It will easily pass as a manually written article by a non-native writer. However, you shouldn't expect a premium quality article considering the price. The articles included a relevant image.


The report was delivered in an excel sheet through Mediafire. I personally wouldn't recommend sharing reports through Google drive. So, I appreciate OP for delivering reports through Mediafire. The excel sheet contains site metrics, date and URLs.


I'm posting the review within 24 hours so the links are not yet indexed. You can find the Pros and Cons of the service below:


  • Well designed sites
  • Readable and unique content
  • Good metrics


  • The websites use WordPress favicon
  • I don't recommend the links for Money site (Although the seller didn't mention it, some reviewers suggested it.) The links are good for T1/T2 & Parasites but it's not safe to use them for your Money site, particularly if you don't understand PBNs.

Overall, the links are great for the price. I'd highly recommend the service to powerup and index your tiered links.

Got a review copy:

- 2 Follow Links from Blogs (DA 20 & DA 21)

- Both domains are DA20

- Both domains are indexed by Google

- Blog posts are readable with related content & image

- The blog posts are not indexed yet by Google

- Fast Delivery

Great service!

Got 2 pbns link as review copy!

Da 21, both of them

Articles are readable

Still not indexed.

Fast TAT

PM sent, please check your inbox and let me know.
I'd like to see some samples.

I want to take. will you please share samples links before my first order

Please send a sample.

Send me samples and do you give niche targeted links?

Hi is it possible to buy 100 links for 5 different domains? Splitting the links between the 5 domains that is

Thanks for the order, will deliver you asap
2nd order placed. Transaction : *************8214X

Hope it has some good result.

Ordered 100 links. :)



50 High-Quality Permanent PBN Links Just @$59

100 High-Quality Permanent PBN Links Just @$99



Jan 25, 2020
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How many unique blogs do you have? I would like to order for 2 websites.


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Jun 23, 2011
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How many URLs can you work with in a single 50 post order? I have a few web2.0s that I would like to power up


May 13, 2021
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I placed a large order around 2 months ago I spent 800 usd the website is in a medium competition market the sites onsite seo is great and page speed is fast 100 mobile and 100 desktop

the plain and short of it here is I totally wasted my money I have noticed 0 increase serps my average position when this started was between 80 and 85 but now my average position is over 125
if anything this service destroyed what little progress i had made and the shitty thing is I paid this guy to mess up my rankings i have not asked for a refund as i figure that would be out of the question however i will post my honest review here



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