1 Month JV - Facebook Expert Needed - As much as $100K for you (No joke)

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    First of all, Merry Christmas! :saroll:

    I wont start by saying how great is my idea and there is millions to be maid and promise things i will not be able to deliver later. I ll get into the details straight away and you can judge on your own if that suits you or not.

    Project details:

    I cannot spit out the whole plan and i will discuss it in private with each one of you (again not all details will be given) and finally when i select someone to work with me he will find out the whole plan.

    The idea is a mixture of MMO (massive multiplayer online) game, contest with good prizes and a unique idea (not saying it is a great idea, just unique) with a bit out of the box thinking.

    Now whats great about this: Its totally FREE for everyone to take part and the prizes as well as the final reward (everyone will be rewarded at the end with this reward) are very intriguing. That means that it will be easy to get people to sign in and even if they dont play we will have a huge list of people from facebook to take advantage of.

    Now how many people do we need for the game to start? As planned in the beginning we will need 1.000.000 at least.

    That means that you must be an expert facebook promoter to get the fan page liked by so many people as quick as possible.

    Now some people might say: Why not pay for updates or invites and stuff? The answer is clear. I want someone dedicated to this 24/7 for one month. I want you to work your ass off to get all that people to sign in.

    The conversion will be really high as to the fact that the subject is unique and because not all details are given to anyone interested and therefore they will have to sign up to get the details..

    What is my job and what is your job:

    My job is to do everything else except facebook promotion. I have invested money in VPS (offshore hosting), software, templates and alot more and also i have invested time and i will continue to deal with all that shit until the project is over. I will pay for everything that deals with my side of the project.

    Your job is to advertise on Facebook and get the fan page to more than a million people.

    Huge part of the rewards are for US people so your target market is the US market. It wouldnt help a lot to bring people from other places so first make sure that you can promote to US people.

    If you need proxies, software and other stuff for your part of the job, you pay for it. I will never ask you for a single dime for anything. But if you need to get something for your end of the job, you have to pay for it.

    For whom is this job:

    This job is for someone who does this at a very high level and knows his job. This is NOT for an amateur, so please dont apply if you dont know what you are doing or if you think that you can do it. I will only deal with people who are doing this and making money out of it.

    I will also ignore people who are new here and not long time members.

    If someone (like a mod) can vouch for you, it would be a plus. It is not necessary though.

    Your reward:

    You will get $0.1 for each person that takes part in this. It doesnt matter if you managed to bring 20.000 people and they turned to 1 million on their own you will still get paid for 1 million people otherwise it wouldnt be a JV. Of course the more you bring they will multiply even quicker and the quicker you will get paid. The project involves them spreading the fan page through facebook as a part of it so it will easily go viral.

    Important: Just to avoid misunderstandings, we actually get money if people sign up for the game and actually play. If they just sign up and dont take any action it is useless and we are not getting paid. Think of it as a CPA. If we get a CPA offer to 1m people and they dont complete the offer we dont get paid.

    Now you might be wondering, how the hell are we gonna to find 1.000.000 people to take part in this but i need to remind you that the subject is:

    1) Unique and intriguing
    2) FREE
    3) Rewarding with great prizes to be given away

    I think i have covered everything i wanted to say. Just to sum up the details of the partner im looking for:

    1) US based if possible and able to bring mostly US people to the fan page
    2) Expert in facebook advertising
    3) Able to handle and pay for everything associated with his end of the job
    4) Professional in terms of working. If we agree to do something you cant just disappear for two days or treat this as a part time job. I need your full commitment.
    5) Able to chat and talk through skype.


    If you have done similar projects, or offer facebook services or have someone that can guarantee for you, it is a plus.

    Im looking for one guy, but if you have a team that you work together its also good.

    In case you want to ask something, please post it here and not through PM (unless it is something you dont want the public to know) so that everyone can see my answers.

    My skype id: metx87

    You can contact me directly on skype to chat but first PM me so i can check your profile and know who im talking to on skype.

    Lastly i would like to add that the whole project is completely WhiteHat.

    Looking forward to discussing more with possible partners.