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Dec 7, 2020

I am giving away one review copy of my top-level package for the approval of my BST. I will pick one person, and that staff will monitor the DM. We will stay in DMs - no Skype, no Telegram.


Do you want to manage hundreds accounts on Facebook full automatically? So this is what you were looking for!

is a unique software package for automating work in the social network Facebook.
Our program has been working and developing since January 2016 and it is the nice solution for automating the social activity of Facebook accounts.

Facebook is constantly changing, and so are we. Anonymity, efficient work algorithms and security for accounts – all this is constantly updated and supplemented.
FBcombo is a collection of unique action algorithms that allows you to safely automate the work of accounts almost completely.

With version 5.01 of our program, you can now set daily tasks for Facebook accounts that will be executed for a week or a month, thus simulating the real-life activity of an ordinary user’s account.

FBcombo offers a variety of modes, which are constantly updated in response to Facebook’s changing environment. Users can choose from five friend invitation modes that filter accounts by geography, gender, names, and interests. If a mode is not relevant for the account, users can switch to another mode or set a queue. The program also offers the ability to clear accounts of unnecessary friends using various filters.

List of FBcombo combine modes. (Facebook is constantly changing, so the modes are constantly updated, new ones can be added or irrelevant ones removed):
  • Friend invitations. The program uses five friend invitation modes. You can always choose the most effective mode for yourself or set a queue, so if any mode is not relevant for the account at the moment, then switch to another. The modes use filtering by account geography, gender, names, and interests.
  • Clear the feed refuse invites that didn’t work.
  • Development of pages and groups. Your accounts can invite other users to follow your pages or join your groups.
  • Posting. The program automatically makes posts in the feeds of your accounts and in groups.
  • Commenting. Your accounts can leave a comment on posts you define in profiles, pages, and groups.
  • Liking. With the help of the FBcombo combine, your accounts can leave their reactions in the form of likes under the publications you need in profiles, pages and groups, as well as in the news feed and on advertising posts.
  • Pumping accounts. Your accounts can surf the Internet every time you start, on the specified sites, receiving new entries in the cookie for greater trust from Facebook.
  • Getting interests from Facebook. Your accounts can receive via special mode the “interests from Facebook”, necessary for successful launch of advertising.
  • Pages creation. FBcombo program will help your accounts create pages automatically for further use in advertising campaigns and to increase the trust of accounts.
  • Emulation of human actions. Surfing news feed, wish friends a happy birthday, leave random reactions on news and advertising posts. Your accounts will be able to do this using the combine.
  • Invite to participate in donations, take part in voting – all this is also available for your accounts.
  • Include english and russian version.
  • View activity statistics, choosing the right work strategy for your accounts. needed for work.
  • Filling out accounts. (Personal information)
  • Passaging of blockages where it is possible(getting codes on mail, uploading photos for selfies, soluttion captcha's, adding phone, etc)
  • Manual mode for “fine-tuning” accounts.
  • Posting in big amount of groups.
And so on.

Program functions constantly add and update to be as effective and relevant as possible.


For ease of usage, the program works with the web panel and database.


You can always find out statistics of your actions, set the pauses, action restrictions that you need, and also launch a program to work for several days, weeks, months.


Also Chat GPT being gradually implemented for commenting and posting functionality.

You can read how to use the program on the website
And watch on our YouTube channel, Guide video

Ofcourse it includes working with proxies (socks and http), generating unique profiles for each account, saving cookies, collecting information about accounts, obtaining tokens to work with ads in other programs.
The new version of the FBcombo combine is adapted to manage multiple licenses from one panel, that is, you can manage multiple servers.
It is also convenient to divide your accounts into groups, filter it by almost 20 parameters for selection into groups for work.

Technical support

Since Facebook is constantly changing, updating its interface and algorithms, our program is constantly improved and updated.
Also, our technical support will always tell you how to work with the program, what actions are recommended for accounts, what to do to reduce the number of account blocking. Updates are almost daily throughout the life of the program.
Also for users of the FBcombo a user chat is available, where you can always get advice or answer to a question on working with Facebook or the program. According to work experience, 80% of questions will always find an answer in a private user chat.

Questions and answers:
  • Q: How does the program work?
  • A: The program works using ZennoPoster. If you don't have ZennoPoster, then you don't need to buy it. This doesn't affect price of the program.
  • Q: How many accounts can be loaded into the program?
  • A: The program is multi-threaded. Users of the program manage hundreds and thousands of accounts. It all depends on the power of your computer. There are no restrictions on the number of accounts.
  • Q: What is the program used for?
  • A: The program is used to prepare Facebook accounts for running advertising. Also for working with accounts, as adding friends, mailing lists, posting, managing and filling out accounts.
  • Q: Facebook is constantly changes. How is this program updated?
  • A: Updates of program occur constantly, even sometimes several times a day.
  • Q: I need a function that isn't in the program. Is it possible to get it?
  • A: Users of the program often come up with new features in program chat. I add these functions if it is relevant and interesting to the majority of users. This is the way how the program has been constantly developing for 8 years. If one of the users of the program needs some separate personal functionality, then this is also solved. It will be free or for additional payment, because it depends of difficulty of the task. In priority that main functionality of program was actual and work properly.
  • Q: How does technical support work?
  • A: Technical support work everyday in working time (I am a human and sometimes I need to sleep:) ). Most questions can be resolved in user chat, but I will also always answer you and help you within a day if you have any problems.
  • Q: Where does support provide?
  • A: Technical support provided in Telegram. If it necessary, you can get help using Team Viewer.
  • Q: Facebook often blocks accounts. What should be done to reduce the number of account blocks?
  • A: The anonymity system in the program is constantly improved. To work effectively you need to choose reliable accounts and good mobile or residential proxies.
  • Q: Can you recommend where it possible to buy good accounts and proxies?
  • A: Yes. But you can use proxies and accounts of any seller you are confident in.
  • Q: Are there any discounts?
  • A: Yes we have discounts. Write the code "BHWSTART" in a telegram when purchasing before October 1, 2023 and you will receive a $40 discount. You will find out the rest of the promotions in this topic.
  • Q: What operating system and what computer or server do I need to operate?
  • A: The program runs under WINDOWS (I recommend Win10,11 or Win Server 2019). Computer or VDS with 4-5 CPU cores and 6-8 GB of RAM is recommended for comfortable work with 10-15 threads.
  • Q: Do you have trial version of program?
  • A: You can install the control panel following the instructions: https://soft.fbcombo.com/en/guidebook/ and check how the program is managed. The main module of the program is activated after purchase.
  • Q: What is your return policy?
  • A: If the program doesn't work for more than 96 hours during the first month after purchase, then you will receive a refund. Please note: Facebook is constantly changing. Some operating modes become irrelevant. But new opportunities are also emerging. Everything that requires updating is constantly updated. You can check the functionality before purchasing the program.
  • Q: Do I need to pay extra monthly for the program?
  • A: No, payment is made once upon purchase.
  • Q: Are there any additional modules that I have to pay for?
  • A: At the moment there are none. But in the near future there will be two additional paid modules. First one for registering INSTAGRAM accounts(150$) using Facebook accounts and second one is BANHAMMER(250$) - automatic sending of complaints to posts, comments, profiles, groups and pages. There are no other paid modules and aren't planned in the near future. All other functions are standard - it doesn't require purchases or additional payments.

How to pay?
Payment for the program is made by cryptocurrency USDT.
The current complete price of program for autumn 2024 - 454$(excluding discounts)

If you want additional discount? Write in comments: "I want discount". And when purchasing in Telegram write your BHW login.

Telegram: iskrakovrov
Site: https://soft.fbcombo.com/en/
Telegram channel: https://t.me/fbcombocom

I am giving away one review copy of my top-level package for the approval of my BST. I will pick one person, and that staff will monitor the DM. We will stay in DMs - no Skype, no Telegram.

Interested. Can we use multiple accounts at the same time? Proxy supported? I have a huge list of Fb accounts, so this can come handy. I will leave an honest review, if selected.
Certainly. The program is made exactly for this purpose. Multi-accounts. Proxy. A program for managing hundreds of accounts.
Im Very interested, right now Im testing a similar program but Im not happy with it.
Kind regards.
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