$1/Day Blog (What about $50?)

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by SpellZ, Feb 20, 2011.

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    I see it more and more and I'm trying to figure out on what part I am missing out here...

    So a lot of people make 50 blogs, each blog earns them $50/day, and here you go... they make $50/daily. It all sounds fun, and magical and has ponies and rainbows all over it.

    So here is my question...
    Let's say you want to set up 50 blogs, etc.

    Hosting for one year = $70
    50 Domains $8/domain = $400

    Actually, scratch that and lets make it even simpler.
    Imagine you got a blog, you have to update it with like 1-3 articles a day, correct? Each article costs $2.00, so if you make $1/day from a blog, and it costs you $6.00/day to get someone to write the articles...

    Where is the profit?
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    I don't think anyone aims for a 1 dollar a day blog, unless it's an autoblog, in which case you wont have to pay for anything but the domain and hosting. But yeah, 5 bucks a day per blog sounds like a goal most people would set.
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    Yeah obviously if you outsource you need a higher income to meet your margins, if you wanted to make some capital to start with it's just a lot of work, who said it would be easy :)
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    After a certain amount of time and articles you will not need to update as much and your site will receive back links etc from users who came to your site and are interested about the niche. So think about it like this... you invest $2 a day for 3 months which comes out to $180 for one blog. Now this blog is making you $1 per day which doesn't seem to be very much but in actuality after the year is up which is 9 more months you have received $270 from the blog and made $90.

    Now your blog is making money and you only have to add an article once a week and have a profit system going... $2 for the article / making $7 a week which is $5 profit every week for really doing nothing. Once you have it set up and running correctly its a money maker you just have to think about the long run instead of the short run.
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    theres absolutely no sense at all to publish 1-3 articles a day on a blog which niche will not generate more than $1/day...