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1 Awesome niche that you are rising up in?.. or multiple mediocre?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by eviltomato, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. eviltomato

    eviltomato Regular Member

    Mar 27, 2012
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    Just kinda curious about how everybody else feels about being a jack of all trades\master of none... or having 1 really awesome site.

    I am talking about the adult pron world, so you don't need to keep reading if not interested.

    I have been working on my site for about 2 years now and have about 700 pages of hand picked galleries in my niche. I have also built in a search engine that lets people include and exclude many aspects of my niche to find that perfect chick to look at : )

    So now my delimma.... At the same time, i have been using mass planner to post to all of the social media sites (that mass planner allows) focusing on multiple niches. My primary niche posts all point back to my website that has ads and popunders for a cam site. All of the other social media niche posts point straight to cam sites for that niche (well.. the pages point to the camsites, not the posts. I would see that as pure spam if every post pointed to a cam site). I even go in and write unique senteces in massplanner for every post that goes out in order to get the maximum reach.

    I am finding that the more niches i get into.. the less time i have to spend on my main site. My main site is my fetish\interest and i enjoy it. I even hand pick tube videos and post them to a sub directory. Hell.... i even have a blog directory on the site that i post to about once a week where i just talk about related stuff and introduce new models that i find on different related sites.

    I am trying to decide... do i keep being a jack of all trades? Or drop all of them and focus on my main niche. In my niche.... i have the worlds largest FB fanpage, Google+ community, and Instagram page.

    Its just so hard to want to spread myself thin, but at the same time i want to keep the options open for when i happen to find sexy camgirls from other niches that i want to post about.

    All pics that i post to social media using massplanner... All hand picked and organized. I dont just get a bunch of crap and throw it in a folder and post it. Got an organization process : )

    This sounds more like a rant and im sorry, but im just stuck and would love to hear others opinions and if you have been in the same situation.

    Do it all and do it half assed? Or stick with your passion and do it awesome?