1$/Article For Your MONEY SITE! Native English Writers! Review Copy For Everyone!

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The seller offered an article for a free review copy and it was delivered in 2 days.

The article is 500+ word, and when checked for plagiarism, it's unique.

The article is not handwritten as expected, but fairly readable, however, there are lots of grammar mistakes and it looks spun or written by a less developed AI machine.

The article is not formatted but it's not off-topic from the start to the end.

Final word

I will never use this on money sites as many content creators wouldn't want to try it as well.

This should not be offered as guest posts so you don't waste your time.

This article is suitable for PBN, especially if you can make some edits and format the article.
Hello everyone,

I received one article as a review copy, and these are my impressions. The article is of medium quality and requires additional processing before publication. This is not material for a money site, but it can be used for some PBN. Specifically in my case, the article has only distant connections with my niche, so it is useless for me. In conclusion, I can only say that you cannot expect miracles considering the price of this service.
Review copy ordered.
Sent! Please check PM & mail :)

Please send me a review copy.
Sure! Please check PM :)

Do you articles about washing machines
Yes I have :)

I'll take a review copy
Sure! Please check PM :)

Samples please.
Sure! Please check PM :)

Review Copy available?
Sure! Please check PM :)

Review copy ordered.
Sure! Please check PM :)

Took a review article and requested a niche.

Really good well crafted article, ready to publish

Thank you so much for the review mate :)
I have received one free article as a review copy and it was delivered to me within 36 hours which I feel is impressive.

The article itself contains 745 words and is unique. It appears to be hand-written and had only a few spelling and grammar mistakes. Coming to the quality, I am not going to use this article on a money site as it is fluffy with some keyword stuffing. But at this price, you can't expect more.

I believe the quality would vary between articles and some you may be able to use on money sites with some editing otherwise these are great for PBN site content.

I'd definitely be ordering more articles. Recommended if you know what to do with the articles.
Not open for further replies.
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