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I got the free review copy in the camping niche.

The word count is 350, which is surprisingly good for a $1 article that's not respun (I assume it isn't)

The depth of information isn't that great, I mean you shouldn't expect the article to discuss deep into the subject. The article I received was a "beginner's guide for camping", it talked about pretty basic stuff like cleaning the area and eating your breakfast when you wakeup. It however did list out several tools you need for camping, which in my opinion is a major plus and saves a lot of research time.

The grammar quality is excellent, you should have no problem with it and by the articulation of words it did appear to be written by a native English speaker.


What should you expect from this?
The article speaks about the general topic of the subject, it's excellent to expand the article with your own words without having to research and brainstorm what the article is going to speak about. This service should be taken more as a initial research and context or idea into the subject rather than as a complete article itself.
Review order placed
Sent! Please check PM & mail :)

May I get a review copy, please? Amazon affiliate content style
I'm interested to order in the future
Sure, please check PM :)

They provide the best service here, I have used them again and again with good results.
Thank you so much for the review mate :)

I need a review copy.
Sure, please check PM :)

Some review copies please , My keyword Satta king , gambling , Please get me some review copies !
Sure, please check PM :)

can i take a review copy pls
Sure, please check PM :)

Just ordered 50 articles

Order received. Thank you so much!

Review copy please, thank you!
Sure, please check PM :)

Review copy ordered.
Sent! Please check PM & mail :)

Review copy ordered
Sent! Please check PM & mail :)
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