1 April = $$$

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    this system not working in USA or Canada but good for more than 50 countries:
    1. Go to Fortumo.com
    2. Register
    3. Choose the most expensive SMS price ( example Spain 7 Eur, UK 5 GBP etc. )
    4. Post it as many FB walls like possible and something like that:
    Make the most nastiest 1 April joke to your's best friends. Send text SMS to your-short-fortumo-number. That's it but automated SMS reply put something like this:
    APRIL and thank you for earning to me X Euros. Happy April Fools' Day to you my dear April fool.

    P.S. Of course use proper English not like here thread.
    P.P.S. Using Fortumo.com there is no chargebacks.